November 12, 2020

News & Notes from Ms. Kapuchuck!

We are so excited to welcome many of our students back in grades 2-5 next week! Our Home Learning Academy teachers are excited for the new additions to their classes as well! Please read ALL of the information in this newsletter before sending your child to school next week. There are many important details that we need you to know. Please call the office if you have any questions before next week!


**The school day ends at 2:45. If your child is a car rider, you will need to be in the pick up line at 2:45. Please have your blue pick up pass in the front dash of your car! This is for the safety of your child. Due to social distancing guidelines, we are not able to group children to wait for the bus. While we will be doubling the number of students we have in the building each day, we anticipate less than 30 additional cars in the pick up line per day than what we currently have. Please be patient as the first few days of car rider dismissal may take longer. Thank you!

**Your child will need to bring his/her iPad or Chromebook to school fully charged each day. We will not be able to provide loaner devices to students who forget their devices or do not have them charged. Each school will have a charging cart available for students to put their device in if it is not charged, however, this means the device won't be in the classroom for them to use during instruction. Please help your child by making sure his/her device is charged and in the backpack each morning!

The Importance of Mask Wearing & Social Distancing

Masks are mandatory for all staff and students. I cannot emphasize enough, the success of returning more students back to school for in-person instruction next week will be contingent upon our ability to work together to follow all safety protocols. All students and staff are required to wear a face mask (over the mouth and nose) throughout the day (except during meals or designated mask breaks). Wearing a mask for an extended amount of time takes practice. You may want to start having your child start wearing one for long stretches of time so they will be more accustomed to it for their first day back. We expect all students to bring their own masks to school everyday and to wear them properly. If students refuse to follow these expectations, we will likely ask them to continue their instruction virtually due to their health and safety as well as the health and safety of others. We will also ensure students maintain at least 6' from each other throughout the day. Students and staff will sanitize their hands regularly throughout the day.

Our youngest learners have done extremely well with this and we are certain our students in grades 2-8 will be able to as well!

Water Bottles

Please send your child to school with a water bottle, labeled with his/her name if possible. This is only for water. Our water fountains are closed and are only used for students to refill their water bottles. We also have small cups for water. Thank you!


Smencils are back and they are a huge hit with our youngest students. We will sell Smencils next week so that our grades 2-5 students can purchase if they would like. Please send your child with money in a Ziploc back or envelope, labeled with the flavors of smencils he/she would like to purchase. These are pictured below. Thank you!

Health Reminders

Please read all information below regarding health checklists, policies, and procedures prior to sending your child to school.

Bus Information-Please read!

The RCPS Transportation department will be sending bus information out today to all of our students returning in person starting November 16th in grades 2-8. They will be sending the information by email and voicemail so please check your messages. Please note that due to having grades 2-8 on the bus now, bus routes for our students in PreK-1 have changed. All parents should have heard from their child's teacher yesterday regarding transportation. Next week, all of our students are going to be adjusting to this new routine so please make sure you are at the bus stop on time to wait for your child! They will be so excited to see you and tell you about their day!

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

All parent drop off and pick up will be done curbside. Car riders will enter and exit the building for dismissal through door 10. We have a great system in place for this already, so we are ready to go! Please remain in your vehicle during drop-off and pick up. During afternoon dismissal, a staff member will radio the classroom for your child to be dismissed. Due to social distancing guidelines, we will dismiss by individual classrooms this year rather than having children wait in the foyer or cafeteria. Students riding the bus will wait in the classroom until it is time to load the bus. Due to social distancing protocols, students will not be allowed to go home on the bus with a friend. Students will also not be able to be added to a bus if a parent is unable to pick up his/her child at the end of the day. The buses will have assigned seats with space for the students on the bus roster only.

If your child typically rides the bus and you would like to pick him/her up on a specific day, please send an email to before 10:00 am or send a written note with your child that morning. We will not be able to honor these requests throughout the school day (after 10:00 am) as we work to ensure a safe, efficient dismissal for all children.

The office staff will sign-in and sign-out students. If you are bringing your child to school late, please call the office. Parents/guardians will not be able to come in to the school or walk children to class. MVES staff will do this so you can rest assured that your child will make it to his/her classroom safely! Any parent who needs to pick up his/her child early for an appointment, etc. will need to call the office, 438-1965, upon arrival. Office staff will call for your child while you wait in your vehicle. Parents/guardians will not enter the office during this time. Thank you for prioritizing the health and safety of our students and staff!

The school day begins at 8:20 and ends at 2:45pm. Please make every effort to have your child attend the full day. The office staff will not be able to call for your child to be dismissed early at the end of the day when we are preparing for dismissal. Please pull into the curbside pick up line and we will bring your child to your car in a safe, efficient manner, while adhering to social distancing guidelines. All parents should be in the pick up line at 2:45. Thank you!

Important Information for In-Person Learning due to COVID-19- Please Read!

* Staying Home if Sick: Students must stay home if they are feeling sick or have any symptoms associated with COVID-19. Each parent will need to do a "health check" on their child before sending him/her to school.

COVID 19 symptoms include:

cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, and loss of taste or smell. Other symptoms may include fatigue, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

** If any COVID 19 symptoms are noticed while a child is at school, the school nurse, Lisa Jenkins, will contact the parent and ask for the child to be picked up immediately.

Isolation and Discharge Protocols for students who become ill during the day:

We have designated a specific room next door to the new nurse's clinic to be available for students with COVID-19 symptoms. This room will be supervised by a MVES staff member. The school nurse or principal will contact the parent of any child with COVID-19 symptoms and the parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the child within an hour of the phone call. The child will need to stay at home the next school day. The parent must contact the school nurse prior to sending the child back to school. Please refer to the RCPS Reopening Health Plan that is posted on the RCPS website. It can also be found by clicking here.


Masks are to be worn by all staff and students. Parents are responsible for providing students with face masks. Masks are required on the school bus as well. Please send an extra mask with your child to keep in his/her bookbag. Students who are unable to wear a mask or refuse to wear a mask will not be permitted to attend school in person and will receive instruction through a virtual means.

Frequent Hand Washing and Sanitizing:

All students and staff will be practicing frequent hand washing. All staff and students will wash their hands upon arriving to school, before and after meals, after using the bathroom, after coughing or sneezing, and before dismissal. We will be washing hands for at least twenty seconds using soap and water. If hand washing is not possible, hand sanitizer will be used.

Maintaining Social Distancing at All Times:

All students and staff must maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times to the greatest extent possible. Desks and learning areas are placed at least 6 feet apart, facing in the same direction. Our teachers have yoga mats, lap trays, and other flexible seating options placed by each desk so that children do not have to sit in a desk all day while staying in their own space. Students are not able to share any items. Each student will have a personal tub to place his/her things in and students will have individual personalized bins with toys and manipulatives. Please make sure all school supplies are labeled with your child's name.

Smaller Groups Assigned to One Teacher (PreK-1st Grade):

In order to maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing, each class has been split among two classrooms. Students will be assigned to a teacher and will be in Group A or Group B. When the classroom teacher is in class A or B, the other group will be working with a resource teacher, specials teacher, or classroom assistant. Each group will have instruction from the classroom teacher daily. The classroom teacher, resource teacher, specials teacher, and other staff will rotate between the classrooms. Transitions will be kept to a minimum. All of PreK will be together in the cafeteria as that is a huge space that allows for social distancing.

Big picture
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smencils for sale

We are selling Smencils for $1.00 each. The sales are open to all students, virtual and in person. Check out the photos of the smencils available. In person students need to give their money to their teacher and let her know which smencil they would like. All virtual students can contact the office, 438-1965, to purchase one. Please have your child know which smencil he/she would like to buy. Students will not be allowed to dig through to pick and chose. Each smencil with be clearly marked with the students name!

Attractions Coupon Books are Available!

Dear Eagle Families,

We are kicking off our Annual Attractions Coupon Book Fundraiser today! We need your support to help pay for reopening expenses due to Covid.

The 2021 Shenandoah Valley Edition is valid Now and has over $4,200 in Savings for ONLY $20! All orders will be shipped directly to you and your customers! It's safe and no contact!

It has our favorites Chili's, O'Charley's, Qdoba (New!), Klines Dairy Bar, Dunkin, Sweet Frog, Domino's Pizza, Home Depot, & Dick's Sporting Goods!

Do you want to easily share our fundraiser with your family, friends, and co-workers? Just click on the link and set up your Seller Page to share via text or email! It's easy!

Want to share our Order Page? Send them here!

Our Top 3 Sellers will receive Amazon Gift Cards! Details about our fundraiser are below!

Thank you for supporting our school!

Anthony Tanpoco

Regional Director

Attractions Dining and Value Guide

Mobile: (540) 522-0357

Office: (336) 632-1400


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Picture Make Up Day

Picture make up day is scheduled for November 30th and December 1st. This year is online purchase only! You will have the chance to purchase school pictures at any time during the entire school year. Please use this link to purchase your pictures. This link also allows parents to sign up to receive updates via email regarding their child's school portraits. These updates include promotions, additional deals and the ability to order more pictures at a later time. When entering student information, parents should be sure to enter the student's name as it is on file at the school.

CHILDREN's FOOD PICKUPS on Mondays & Thursdays -- UPDATE:

The Monday & Thursday afternoon Children's Food Pick-Ups will continue at MVES from 3:15 to 6:00 p.m. for the next week. After our students in Grades 2, 3, 4 & 5 return to school in a hybrid model on November 16, the Monday & Thursday afternoon Children's Food Pick-Ups will be moved to Turner Ashby High School and Wilbur Pence Middle School. Food pick up will be available for any students who remain in virtual learning. All MVES students who are present at MVES have the option of receiving both breakfast and lunch on the days they are present in school -- and the option of taking home breakfast & lunch for the days they will be at home learning virtually.

MVES will most likely use an opt-out form for parents to indicate they do not want their child to bring home school meals on the days they are in school. More information will be shared with you when I receive it from the RCPS Food Services program, including any opt-out forms that may be required.

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to Ms. Lavonne and her team for all of the hard work they put into preparing breakfast and lunch each day! Meals are delivered to the classroom this year and because of their efficiency, this process has gone very smoothly. Lavonne and her staff have worked long hours to make sure meal pick up is successful at MVES! As a reminder, all students may have breakfast and lunch at school free of charge this school year! We encourage your child to enjoy school breakfast and lunch!

Reminders From P.E.

Parents please make sure that you send your child with a jacket, coat, or sweatshirt each day to school and they are dressed comfortably for outdoor PE.

As the temperatures start to drop and feel more like fall, we want to make sure your child is prepared for outdoor activities. Thanks!

Library News...

Ms. Schiffres has organized an online library book check out for our students! She has developed a Google form and a very helpful video explaining the process for checking out books. She will gather books on Wednesdays and place them outside of the school for curbside pick up. The office will let you know when your books are ready. Books will be bagged individually with student names on the outside so that you can pick them up at your convenience. Please let Ms. Schiffres know if you have additional questions! We are excited to get library books back in the hands of our students!

A message from the School Nurse...

Dear Parents,

As we move forward into bringing more students back to Mountain View Elementary, I need to remind you of a few important matters.

For parents of children in Pre-K through 5th grade planning to return to school in November:

  • Please let me know of any health conditions regarding your child. This is to include any routine medications to be taken, if your student has asthma, diabetes, allergies to foods, bees, latex, seizure disorders and any other health concerns. Call 540-438-1965 PRIOR to November 16.

  • Make sure all of your contact and emergency contact information is up to date in the office so if we need to contact someone to pick up your sick child, you can be reached promptly.

  • Please remember to evaluate your child daily for any symptoms of sickness prior to sending them to school. Make sure they do not have a temperature close to or above 100.4 and do not have any symptoms such as cough, sore throat, headache, diarrhea or vomiting. Please keep your child home if they are sick.

  • Please notify us with any positive cases related to the Flu, Strep or Covid-19, so we can work together to help your child back into school as soon as possible.

If your child will need to take medication during the school day, please complete the Medication Administration form found here. If you do not have access to a computer, please call me and I will be happy to get a form to you. Along with the completed form, I will need you to bring your child’s medication to the school prior to November 16.

Medications cannot be sent in with the student!

In some cases, I will also need for you to fill out a consent to release/receive records from your child’s healthcare provider. This allows me to work together with your physician to keep your child safe while at school.

Please call at 540-438-1965 to set up a time to drop off forms and medications. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to meeting your child/children as schools open back up.

Thank you,

Lisa Jenkins, RN

School Nurse

Mountain View Elementary School

Yearbook Cover Contest

Yearbook Cover Page Contest

What: Every year, the school year book has a student made cover on it! Submit your drawings to see if yours could be on the cover! One winner will be chosen for the front cover and four for the back cover.

Who: Any student can enter a drawing!

When: Turn in your artwork by November 24th.

Where: If you are coming to school in person, you may give it to your teacher. You may also take a picture of your drawing and send it to Mrs. Wheeler at


  • Must be 8’ll size white paper

  • Must be VERTICAL

  • Represent our school. Our school’s motto is: Be The Difference! Our school’s mascot is an eagle.

Concurso de la página de portada del anuario

Qué: ¡Todos los años, el libro del año escolar tiene una portada hecha por un alumno! ¡Envía tus dibujos para ver si los tuyos pueden aparecer en la portada! Se elegirá un ganador para la portada y cuatro para la contraportada.

Quién: ¡Cualquier estudiante puede entregar un dibujo!

Cuándo: Entregue su obra de arte antes del 24 de Noviembre.

Dónde: Si vienes a la escuela en persona, puedes dárselo a tu maestro. También puede tomar una foto de su dibujo y enviarla a la Sra. Wheeler a

- Debe ser el tamaño de papel 8’11
- Debe ser VERTICAL
- Debe representar nuestra escuela. El lema de nuestra escuela es: ¡Sé la diferencia! La mascota de nuestra escuela es un águila.

School Supplies For Returning Students

Please see attached school supply lists if your students are returning in November.