The Faces of Perseverance

Natalie Overstreet


Perseverance: Steadfastness in achieving something no matter what stands in your way.

All of these people have shown perseverance in one way or another, we will explore what it means to have perseverance and how these people have shown it. whether they recovered then won a dance competition one arm and leg or made a full recovery from a full on grenade blast, or became the best you could be despite your forbidding family. All these people have amazing stories of perseverance.

Cinderella and Adeline Venn Diagram

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Andy, Wolf Rider

Andy was just a regular high school student until he got the call. After speaking to Zeke on the phone his life becomes a murder mystery, as he weaves his way through truth and lie he is forced to work on his own as no one else believes him. Even after a ton of dead ends he continues on until he finds "Zeke". He gets a little to close and is forced to go for a ride with the knife-wielding Zeke.


Chinese Cinderella: Adeline Yen Mah

Wolf Rider: Avi

Cinderella: Hans Christian Anderson, Walt Disney

Everything else came from google.