May 6th


We started our last Superkids' Club book of the year! Hot Rod, the Supernoodle, has planned to have the Superkids fix up boxes. The Superkids will get an old empty box to fix up into something else. In teams of two, the Superkids recreated the old boxes and gave the other Superkids clues about their new creation in order to see if they could figure out what they made. In order to read the story, we needed to learn the new memory word, you. As we continue to read more challenging stories, we also have asked more in depth comprehension questions. Not only are we identifying the characters and setting and answering simple questions, we are able to answer questions to develop our vocabulary, determine importance of ideas, and draw conclusions from our reading. I am thrilled with our progress so far this year! Please keep reading with your child and asking your child to read to you at home!
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We began our final math unit, Solid Forms. During this unit, we will start with identifying 3D shapes. When working toward identifying spheres, cubes, pyramids, rectangular prisms, and cones, we will learn about their vertices, edges, and faces. Students will need to gain an understanding of the relationship between the 2D shapes they already know and the 3D shapes they are learning.
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As so many of you saw at Open House, we completed a couple of writing activities this week. We finished the riddles or clues about ourselves that were displayed on the Smartboard and we wrote about what we would like to do on a rainy day. It is amazing to see how far we have come in our writing this year! At the beginning of the year we were just drawing pictures and labeling and now we are writing short paragraphs! Please continue to ask your child to write at home. It can be a letter to a friend, a story about their day, a reminder on a post-it, or a grocery list. This will help to show kindergarteners that writing is a big part of our life every day.
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Thank You!

Thank you all so much for making me feel so loved this week! All of the apples, flowers, notes, books, and candy spoiled me. Just your kindergarteners' smiling faces are enough for me each week! Thank you for all of your support!

Woodridge District 68 Mission Statement

In partnership with family and community, Woodridge School District 68 will provide a comprehensive educational foundation for all children in a safe, caring environment, preparing them to be productive, responsible, and successful members of society.