Quality Plus Teaching Technology Highlights

Digital Story Telling

There are several options to create stories/books offered in the QPTS technology section. I will highlight them in this issue.

ABCYA! Story Maker

This is by far the simplest application out of the ones listed above. There is no login (a pro) but no way to save ( a con) so the projects need to be completed in one sitting. You can print the story or you can download it.

A note about downloading: It saves each page as a separate picture file. So if a student writes a 5-page story it will download (to the downloads folder) 5 pictures.

How to use Story Maker

First, you should place a link (web-tile) on your eClass Course Page. (see link above)

1. It will take the students to a page that looks like this:

Big picture
2. Click on the play button.

3. The student will type their first name and then click the play button again.

*This is a good place to remind the students to NEVER type their first and last names when online

Big picture
4. At this screen, the student can draw their first picture.
Big picture
Big picture
5. After they finish the drawing they will click on the text button.
6. This takes them to this screen where they can type the text that goes along with the picture.
Big picture
7. To go back to the picture the students can click the "Picture" icon.
8. To add a new page the student can click this icon ------------------------->

*Note you must be on the "picture" to add a new page.

9. To view the whole page click on this icon----->
Big picture
Make Beliefs Comix is an online comic strip creator. There are a ton of resources here, besides just creating a comix. There everything from story starters, printables and an entire section on how to use with special needs. I will like to a few sections but will mainly focus on the mechanics of how to create a comic.
On the home page click on -------------------------------->

This is the start screen.

Big picture
Every new comic starts with just 3 panels, but you can add more by clicking on the "+"
The students should add a title and their first name.

*This is a good place to remind the students to NEVER type their first and last names when online

Big picture
Below you find all the options that can be added to the comic strip.

*Some will link directly to more information

Make Beliefs Comix Resources