Carbon Cycle

By: Julianna Stock 10/9

Important Things to Know

The carbon cycle is a primary process by which one form moves to another. These forms are photosynthesis, respiration, decomposition, natural weathering of rocks, and the combustion of fossil fuels. The carbon cycle illustrates the central importance of carbon in the biosphere. The whole point is that it RECYCLES!!!

How will a Human Disruption Affect the Organisms in the Ecosystem?

People cutting trees is a big problem. It's the animals shelter and its predators can eat them, it can lose its food source by having to go to a new shelter and not find the food it needs. It loses the ability to have carbon releasing from animals, and it decreases the population.

How will it Affect Us?

Carbon is released from cars (burning fossil fuels), but it can still get us sick from pollution. Cutting trees is putting buildings, factories, and houses as a replacement which can cause pollution and make us sick.

What problems Arise as a Result of a Human Disruption in the Carbon Cycle?

It creates pollution and decreases living organisms population, which is not good for our environment.

My Recommendation for You to bring a Solution to this Problem

Start creating gardens for healthy foods, or a compost bin for fertilizer. This will help the way of gaining energy and carbon. I am not saying to stop driving, but to maybe car- pool and ride bikes because we don't want to get sick from the pollution.
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