Summer Chinese Language Camp

Chinese Language Center, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan

Where Living and Learning Take Place

Probably the Best Chinese Language Camp in Town

Explore a hilly mining town and light up sky lanterns with wishes at Jiǔ Fèn & Shí Fēn

Experience a safe water rafting down a beautiful Japanese style river

Tour a cake museum and make your first pineapple cake

Visit Palace museum, a must-see culture spot in Taipei

Be a scallion farmer and make a cake with it

Learn & have fun in classes

Duration: 9th to 30th of August 2020

Stay in a lush green place. From your dorm room, just walk down the staircase and start a meaningful day. No need to commute. Plenty of time to rest, learn, and enjoy the time with friends.

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Brief Details

Fees: TWD41,000

One fee for all:

  • Airport shuttle service.
  • Weekday breakfast and lunch but no weekends and holidays.
  • Language classes and culture classes.
  • One all day excursion each week.
  • Quad room accommodation. Upgrading to twin room is another TWD6,000.
  • Accidental insurance, TWD100,000 for accidental medical bill coverage and 1 million for casualty.

How it works

  1. Duration: 3 weeks.
  2. Limitations: Above the age of 16.
  3. Targets: Starting beginners/ people with little knowledge of Chinese.
  4. Registration Deadline: 7th of July 2020. Must confirm with flight info before July 15, 2020.
  5. Disclaimer: No make-up classes if government announces a no-class typhoon land alert.
  6. Payment: Wire the fee in advance or pay in TWD cash after arrival.
  7. Discount policy: MOU school students get a 10% off discount. A student ID is needed at check in but no need for MOU group students. Repeated students also get a 10% off.

Click here to find out if your school is on the MOU list.

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Important Note

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, there might be less participants for this program.

  • If the number of students reach 20, the program content remains the same. However, if only 14 students, we would cancel the program.
  • If between 15 and 19, the weekly one day excursion destinations to other prefectures will be changed to places in Taipei city. In other words, the weekly excursions in first two weeks.
  • Depending on Taiwan government's guideline, If the border is open to foreign visitors before July 7th, the application deadline, but visitors must stay quarantine for 14 days, we would cancel the 3-week program. If no need for the quarantine, the program will go on as scheduled.
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Achievement List

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