Contraception and young couples

which method is right for you?


Contraception is the most important aspect of having safer sex, and will make sure that you wont get pregnant if you don't want to. The different types of contraception that is used are condoms, pills, injections, implants or devices, vaginal ring etc.

This is worth talking about with your doctor to see which suits your lifestyle better.

Which type of contraception is most effective?

Condoms, pills, vaginal rings etc. they are all very effective types of contraception. But which is most effective? well first of all none of these will work 100% of the time and to make sure you have the most protection it should be BOTH partners responsibilities to use protection while having sex.

Should it be my job as the male partner to use a condom?

Many people have been asking whether it should be the male or female partners responsibility to use protection. Well it should be BOTH of the partners jobs to use protection to make sure that you will safer sex and prevent pregnancy.