Mrs. Faccio's 1st Grade Newsletter

October 14, 2016

What's Up in the Classroom?

Math - We've finished up reviewing numbers through 10 this week and are ready to apply the knowledge to real world problem solving. Students will learn to represent a situation or problem with groups of objects, drawings or fingers. They will also model a situation by either composing 2 addends or decomposing a total number (which is where our study of numbers through 10 will really be tested). Finally, they will work toward fluency for addition and subtraction within 10.

Writing - Story telling with a partner was the big topic this week. Students made "talking heads" of themselves and were assigned a partner. Since they are natural storytellers, they practiced telling a story to their partner while their partner asked clarifying questions. From there, they sketched out their story in pictures and then added words.

Word Work - We continued on with the words we started last week. Each day we do something different with the words. Students had a test today to see how much they knew about their sort. The tests will be in their folders for you to look at.

Science - Students are working on all things pond related! They are going to be uber prepared for the field trip!!

Reading - The reading behavior that was focused on this week was metacognition (thinking about thinking) and making predictions. We talked about fake reading vs. real reading and used the 2 concepts to demonstrate how a reader knows which one they are doing. They can ask themselves if they are thinking about their reading and ask themselves questions like, "Did that make sense?" or "I wonder what will happen next?" This is real reading. Fake reading is when they are just reading words but have not idea what the book is about.

Getting Ready for Halloween!!

Field Trip Information!!

Our field trip is right around the corner (Wednesday, October 19th). I'm super excited!! I wanted to give you a few details in case you've forgotten (the form went out so long ago)! We will leave Forest Glen around 8:55 and arrive at Barkhausen around 9:15. We are traveling with Mrs. Ely's class so we will have 40 kids on the bus, 2 teachers, 1 aide, 2 parents from my class and a couple from Mrs. Ely's class. When we get to Barkhausen, we will be split into 2 groups. We will be assigned to either the nature walk or the pond study and then switch to do the other. I'm praying for nice sunny weather but if we don't get it, we still go! So, make sure to dress accordingly. We spend a good amount of time outside and we do dig around in the pond (so it could get messy). If you have rain boots or winter boots you can wear, that would be wise. Two first grade classes went yesterday and they were muddy and dirty when they got back. The kids who didn't wear boots had wet, cold feet due to the weather conditions. As of right now, the forecast for our trip is 59 and cloudy!

If you ordered a school lunch for your child, it will be ready for them on the morning of. If you are providing a lunch, don't forget to send it!! The students will carry their lunches on the bus and put them in a safe spot when we get to Barkhausen. We will return to Forest Glen around 2:45. If you are a driving parent, you may take your child with you (from Barkhausen) if you wish when the field trip is over. I've only been on this trip once but it was super fun so I'm anticipating a really nice time for the students!! :)


You may have heard from your child that they will be allowed to wear Halloween costumes this year! It's the first time we are trying this as a school. I don't have a lot of details yet but I do know a letter is going home soon that will explain what is allowed and what is not allowed. So, be on the lookout!!!