* GULP *

I have something to share with you...

Here I go... * DEEP BREATH *

Hello to all of YOU!

As a leader, I never want to be caught in the situation where I’m talking the talk but not walking the walk with you. Over and over, I’ve encouraged you to declare your goals; to announce them BOLDLY, without fear, and to hold yourself accountable.

Well, it’s my turn.

Here we are mid-April, on the cusp of our killer SPRING season and I find myself 4 years from just 'giving this a try'…I am truly blown away. It is truly a testament to the strength of our team – and to YOU, your tenacity, your vision and your success in this business. And I have to tell you about a goal that I want to hit before Hoopla...

Moment of transparency. I have not done it myself. For a while now, I’ve been in the ‘Well, if it happens, it happens' mode. So, you know what, I’m calling BULLSHIT here on myself.

So here it is... Out into the world...

I want to hit Sr. Director. I really, really want to hit Sr. Director. In a perfect world, I want to hit it in the next two months but I’ll settle for a deadline of HOOPLA!!

I’m sharing this with you because getting us all there is literally a team effort. Hitting Sr Director requires that we have 4 first line Stars, I need to submit my minimum 1500 PCV ($2308 retail) which I plan to personally do 7 times over, and our team collectively needs to submit 75,000 GCV in a given month. ( That is a little more than $115, 384 retail within a month !!!) It’s a tall order, but one that is OH SO DO-ABLE.

And why should you care, you ask? Great question. And prior to sitting down to write this , I soul searched and struggled a lot around that very question. So, here goes...

  • When we hit it, we will be the only Sr. DIRECTOR team in Northern Alberta, and one of only THREE in Canada! And that means that we kick-ass in sales and leadership! The achievement is truly ours as it reflects so positively back on everything we have ALL done, together.

  • It can be a HUGE marketing and recruiting tool for you. You can promote to potential recruits the benefit of joining one of the leading teams in the ENTIRE Stella & Dot structure. Seriously.

  • Since I will have better access to top-level training, you will too!

  • We will have a VERY BIG CELEBRATION when I hit Sr. Director and Danielle Redner has already said she will come to party with us at Hoopla!

So while promoting to Sr. Director is my personal goal, I see it being as much about WE as I do about me. And I hope that many of you know me well enough by now to understand how sincere I really am about that.

I’m nervous, excited and scared – all at the same time -- to go for this. My heart is beating a little faster even as I think about posting this. But I’m going for it! It's out there! And thank you so much in advance for standing by my side. Together TEAM BEjeweled can achieve greatness and make history with this company! EEEKKKK!!

And I hope it goes without saying – PLEASE give me a call to discuss your own career path plan. Whatever your dreams are with Stella & Dot, my job is to help you get there. I take that job on with a HUGE amount of pride and joy. HUGE.

Hugs, kisses and high fives...