Fidel Castro

Ashley Howard


  • Born in 1926
  • Father was wealthy
  • Privately educated
  • Intellectually gifted
  • Sports were put over studies
  • Went to Law school
  • Anti-Imperialism, Nationalism, Socialism
  • Part of the Partido Ortodox: Anti-Communist Party (goal: Nationalism, Economic Independence, Social Reform)
  • 1948: Castro married Mirta Diaz Balart Marriage ended in 1955

  • Had one child
  • Believer in God
  • Signed Aragian Reform 1959
What Is Revolution


This video shows what kind of person Fidel Castro was. He talked to people about the Revolution. He was very educated and he informed people about what was going on around them.Castro was a very informative person who wanted everyone to know everything going on.

Dear People,

I would like to inform you about gaining economic independence. I would like to start off by telling you that economic independence would be best for us. We could control what goes on in our economy. It would be better for us that way nobody else could tell us what our economy is and what it is not. I can bring a better economy to Cuba. Please support me in my choice to make Cuba an economically independent country.

-Fidel Castro