Merk spray

New ingredients with the results you deserve

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Another happy customer

Why should you buy Merk spray you ask?

Well you see..... The reason why you should use is you will without a doubt become a 360 no scoping pro at call of duty. Have you ever felt like your a scrub at call of duty? We'll no more should you lose to elementary kids who are playing there controllers up side down. Try this spray and you will be winning 1v1's WHILE YOU SLEEP!!!! People will think you use aim bots because they are too terrified to face reality, MERK SPRAY REALITY! Everyone will bow down before your skills when they realize there is no way to dodge your spawn traps. Hackers will look like beginners before your might! MLG? More like 0 to 30. Faze will be amazed. This spray has a 100% chance of making you the all around best call of duty player IN THE WORLD.

How Does it work?

Well Merk spray uses chemicals that go from your skin cells all the way from your brain stem to your brain. It fills your brain with DNA from Faze itself. In other words it makes you play exactly like the MLG team Faze. Faze is the best MLG team in the world and by using this spray you will get their DNA that will make you the best cod player in the world.


Side effects include itchiness, Rashes, Dry scalp, Caughing, sneezing, Nose bleeding, Addiction, Balding, bags under your eyes, wrinkle, Dry throat.