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Giving feedback on papers can be scary.

Facing a stack of student papers can be terrifying! Make giving feedback easier and more useful. Learn how to use Kaizena with Google Docs to leave voice and/or text feedback to your students. Save time and give more useful feedback to your students.


Presented by Joanna Seymour

What is Kaizena?

Linking to Google Drive.

Leave feedback on Google Docs?

Share with collaborators.

Week of October 28-31, 2013

Tuesday, October 29; 3:30-4:00, Dike Elementary Library

Wednesday, October 30; 7:45-8:15, Dike High School ICN Room (in Library)

Thursday, October 31; 7:45-8:15, New Hartford Junior High Computer Lab

Thursday, October 31; 3:30-4:00, New Hartford Junior High Computer Lab