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Week of December 14th

This week, we will continue to host Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences (more information below). Teachers will share progress, areas of growth, and goals. On Tuesday, Brent Daniels will be performing virtually for all students. Links to his Google Meet assembly will be shared by your child's classroom teacher (additional information below).

Please note, that MSD will continue to share important information on the Coronavirus Update Center and on our MSD Forward pages.

Please know that I am here to help and support in any way that I can. Feel free to reach out to me directly at

NPS Spirit Week

Please feel free to participate in our Virtual NPS spirit week by participating the following themed days! Feel free to share pictures with me or your classroom teachers!


Penguin day:

Wear black and white


Tradition Tuesday:

Share your favorite family tradition


School Spirit Day:

Wear your Normandy Park clothes or colors


Holiday sweater or hat:

Wear your silliest sweater or fun holiday hat


Pajama Day:

Get cozy in your favorite (camera appropriate) pajamas!

Let’s Talk About Race, Equity and Inclusion

This part of the newsletter will have a question or a topic for you to discuss with your child(ren). This can be done on the way to school, on the way to sports practice, before dinner, at bedtime, etc.

Each week there will be a “something to think about” question and a “something to talk about” question. The “something to think about question” is for you as a parent to reflect on for yourself. The “something to talk about” question is for you to discuss with your child. These exercises are meant to stimulate a conversation on race, equity and inclusion in America.

Week Fourteen

Parent Reflection: Think about your current job or your most recent job. Do/did most people who worked there look like you in terms of race and ethnicity? If not, does/did this make it hard to relate to your coworkers in any way? If the majority of people are/were the same race and/or ethnicity as you, how do you think it would feel if you were in the minority? Would it change your feelings about your job or your co-workers in any way?

Child Question: Think about the people at your school - the teachers and the students. Do most of them look like you? Do you think it is hard or easy to go to a school where most of the students and teachers have a different color skin than you? Do you think it makes it harder to make friends when most people don’t look like you?

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HSA Virtual Scholastic Book Fair

The HSA will is hosting a virtual NPS Book Fair with Scholastic!

*Ends Monday (12/13)

Shop 11/23 – 12/13

  • Enjoy free shipping on book-only purchases over $25. Be sure to shop early to get your orders delivered in time for the holidays!
  • While we don't have virtual teacher book buckets, you can still help classrooms and our library. Simply purchase a gift card from the online fair and the teacher will receive it digitally!

Questions? Contact Kristin Stuek at or 973-207-6000.
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Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held virtually over a three week period.

All parent/teacher conferences will be held between November 30 - December 21.

All conferences will be 20 minutes in length and be conducted virtually. Teachers will provide each family with a completed conference sheet either prior to the meeting or immediately after that will reflect an academic snapshot in the areas of strengths, goals for growth, and ways can provide support at home.

Kindergarten Information Session

We had a great turn out for our first Kindergarten Information Session.

I will be hosting another information session in February for prospective NPS families that were not able to attend.

Virtual Music Assembly

On December 15th, Brent Daniels will be performing virtually for all students.

K and 1st at 9:20am

2nd and 3rd at 10:20am

4th and 5th at 11:20am

To learn more about Brent Daniels, feel free to visit his website by clicking here.

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Message from Ms. Cohen:

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the difficulties most families are facing at this time. Your Normandy Park family appreciates the efforts you are making on behalf of your own family. Parents and guardians, please remember to take a moment to remind yourselves that you are doing an amazing job given extraordinary circumstances. So take a deep breath and know that we will get through this together. Please reach out to your child’s teacher, Mr. Miller, myself or any other of our amazing staff members for support.

Lunch with the counselor: I continue to host the optional daily lunch groups for all students from 12-12:30. It’s a way to check in, play some games and have some social time with friends from other classes.

Lunch groups are as follows:

Mondays: 4th and 5th grades

Tuesdays: Kindergarten

Wednesdays: 1st grade

Thursdays: 2nd grade

Fridays: 3rd grade

*Please note students in Mrs. Rosso and Ms. Hong’s class have a separate time: Friday’s from 11:15-11:45.


Counselor's Tips for Social Media for Children

Teaching your children about good social media habits can be challenging, especially now when children are spending so much time online. Here is a great article written by Sam Sheehan from that can give some guidance on using social media well. It is important to note that the author lists only some of the many social media sites available. New ones pop up regularly. Online safety is key. If you have any questions about your child and social media use, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

How To Teach Good Social Media Habits

Whether we want to admit it or not, social media is a huge part of all of our lives–and that includes our children’s, too. While there are supposed to be age limits on some social media sites, such as Instagram, children below this age can work their way around it by using fake birthdays or a parent’s email. So, as a parent, how can you ensure that your child is being safe online? Let’s explore how we can teach good social media habits.

Educate Yourself First

The first step in teaching good social media habits is knowing which social media accounts your kids may be using and what platforms are out there. There is a large variety of different social media sites out there now, so it’s important to know how they are used, how they work, and the like.

Here’s a list of the different sites and apps your children may use:

  • Twitter

  • Tumblr

  • Snapchat

  • Instagram

  • Reddit

  • WhatsApp

  • Kik

  • TikTok

It’s important to note that WhatsApp and Kik are apps specifically for messaging. While other apps have the risk of predators pretending to be minors online to prey on your children, messaging apps can be dangerous because they have more one-on-one private access with children’s messages.

Establish a Plan

If your child is asking to use social media, it’s imperative to start a dialogue and ask them questions (and let them ask you questions back!). Let’s say that your child wants to join Instagram. Ask them why they would like to join Instagram, what they plan to do if something goes wrong, and teach them of the risks of joining Instagram, such as being targeted by predators. Develop a plan together involving different scenarios, let them know what to look out for, and keep an open line of communication.

If your child is unsure about how to approach a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable or upset, remind them to practice good etiquette, and if all else fails: tell someone.

Instagram (and many other apps) can negatively impact someone’s self esteem, so it’s recommended to start the conversation about how people will post things on social media specifically to make themselves look perfect. By doing this, you can help teach your child early on to remember how selective people are with their posts before feeling as if they are not adequate enough. It can be hard to be on social media without having your self esteem affected, but these reminders may help in the long run.

Limit Screen Time

It’s always important to practice taking a break from social media. Many of the social media apps have options to limit screen time within the app, and there are also settings on some phones. Talk with your children to determine a time limit that works best for both of you.

Encourage Privacy

Privacy is important for children on social media. Like screen time, apps like Instagram and Twitter have the ability to make your account private. The classic “don’t befriend strangers” also applies online. Tell your children to never share information publicly or with someone they don’t know.

Teach Accountability

Lastly, it’s important to let your children know that what they say online matters. Many platforms can allow anonymity that makes people feel like their words aren’t connected to them. But practicing good manners and etiquette is especially important online.

Have a conversation with your children about the worst outcomes of what could happen if they engage in cyberbullying. It can be hard to hear, but it’s important that they know that their words have consequences. Teaching your children about the severity of cyberbullying can help encourage kinder behavior as well.

Grab & Go Meals (Update)

Grab & Go meals will be available for all students, who wish to receive them. The Federal Department of Agriculture has extended waivers that will allow MSD to serve ALL students meals for FREE through June 2021.

More information about School Breakfast & Lunch is available on the MSD Forward homepage under "Back to School Resources for Families."

Please see the menu below for meals offered each day:

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Communication between Home and School

*For when we return to in-person schooling:

  • If there are changes in your child's dismissal plans (e.g. you are going to pick them up that day, instead of taking the bus), please use the attached form or call the main office.
  • For written communication between you and your child's teacher, please utilize Class Dojo and/or e-mail, rather than hand-written letters (when possible).

Upcoming Events

  • November 30th to December 21st: Parent Teacher Conferences

  • December 24th to January 1st: Winter Recess School Closed