4th Grade Newsletter

October 19-23, 2015

A break is upon us!

We have fall break next week! We will miss your children! We hope that you have a relaxing and peaceful fall break! We will see them October 26th!

Don't forget!!!

Fall Fun Run is this Friday! Students need to wear athletic/comfy clothing that is appropriate for the weather, and that is okay to get dirty!

We need all Fall Fun Run permission slips AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Also, we need permission slips and money for our Mulberry Orchard field trip which is the week after fall break, October 28th!

What's going on in the classroom?

Math: We have started our multiplication unit. Students are learning with different strategies to multiply this week! Students who do not know their math facts are struggling. Please quiz your student on their basic multiplication facts, there are some great practice sites at the bottom of this newsletter ( They are brown buttons you can click on!)

Reading: We are finishing our first reading unit this week, and students will take their test before fall break. So far we have covered theme, characters, settings, plot events, and how to compare and contrast those things in stories.

Science: Students are still working on animal adaptations this week and have been practicing writing their thoughts in complete sentences and defending their thinking.

Writing: Students are still drafting their first personal narrative. They are working hard this week to draft the body of their piece. These pieces will be finished by the end of October.

Place Value Skills Review

This is great practice for students who struggled with place value skills during our first unit!

Multiplication Practice

Great for multiplication fact practice!