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December 7th

Quote of the Week

"We have to serve at the Mother's Christmas Luncheon on the same day as a final?"




Carpool Rule Reminder of the Week!

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What to say when your 7th grader comes home and says, "Dang, I have to serve at the Mother's Christmas Luncheon".......

"What a great experience this will be for you!"

The caterer of the event will train the students this Wednesday to learn the proper protocol for serving at a formal event! They will also be helping with clean up at the end of the luncheon.

7th graders are asked to wear concert dress, tennis shoes and Christmas accessories.

Due to the fact that we need the help of all 7th graders in clean-up, students may not leave before dismissal at 2:25. They will need to check in with their advisor before they leave. If they do not get permission to be dismissed, it will directly affect their "Accepts Responsibility" skill grade.

***Some students will be excused for a small part due to performances. They must return as soon as their performance is finished.

Repeat After Me

....we got this! The students should have no other homework but final exam studying! We are in the ending stretch!

Here is the finals schedule:

Thursday December 10: Final #1 Math: 8:20-9:50, Final #2 Science: 10:05-11:35

Friday December 11: Final #3 English: 8:20-9:50. Afterwards, 7th graders will serve at the Mother's Christmas Luncheon. Pizza will be provided to them.

Monday December 14: Final #4 History 8:20-9:50. Students performing in the Christmas Concert will leave for St. Andrew's church for the dress rehearsal after finals.

Tuesday December 15: Final #5 World Language 8:20-9:50. Christmas Concert at night

Word of the Week: DecMJSurvivor

Definition: An MJS parent who survives December #betterthanmay

This Week Morning Carpool: Donaldson Mon-Wed, 6th Graders Thurs- Fri.

Junior Docents December 9th: Thank you to Tessa Nelson and Janet Labrador for driving!

Monday December 7th: Boys A Basketball League Tournament 3pm Flintridge Prep

Tuesday December 8th: Mass of the Immaculate Conception 9am GYM concert dress, Christmas Cookie and Hot Cocoa Snack Bar Morning recess

Wednesday December 9th: Pasadena Junior Docents tour St. Rita's third graders

Thursday, December 10-Tuesday December 15: Final Exams

Friday December 11: Mother's Christmas Luncheon (7th graders serve, dismissal is at 2:25) concert dress with Christmas accessories and tennis shoes.

Next Week Morning Carpool: 6th graders Mon-Tues. Mercado Wed-Fri.

No Giving Bank Next Week

Tuesday December 15: Christmas Concert 6pm St. Andrews Church

Friday December 18: Christmas Prayer Service 9am GYM. 7th Christmas Party 11am

Giving bank schedule

Giving Bank Driver Schedule

We still need drivers for January and February! If you can drive, please sign up!

Junior Docent Sign Up


7C History went on #anadventure15 with another school in Saskatchewan, Canada and "live tweeted" about culture and youth of today. This is part of a large project in which 3500 schools globally are connecting with each other. Students shared videos and photos about our school and life in Pasadena, CA. It was a lively, exciting experience which promoted the positive use of social media in the classroom which is a focus of our digital citizenship training. If you are interested in seeing some of the twitter conversation please check out Ms. Kelley-Lossada’s twitter feed: @ms_bkl.

Marshmallow Photosynthesis Lab in Action!

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