China air pollution!😷😷😷

Dying in China! 👀👊🏽✌🏿️✌🏻

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Smog in Bejeing, China is very thick and bad for your lungs
The cause of the air pollution are power plants that burn coal in factories. Also the cars in China give out smoke so that has a big extra extra to the pollution. The factories that the smoke comes out of the smoke stack
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The EFFECTS of air pollution in CHINA!!!!!

The worst effect is there is about 1.6million deaths a year!!!! also it can cause going to the hospital and various illnesses!!
Beijing Timelapse video of sunrise and smog


One solution is to reduce the amount of cars used in China and ride bikes...another one is to replace half of chinas coal fire electric power generation with renewables or nuclear power plants..

W.H.O world Health organization

Global Health Observatory (GHO) is a W.H.O for china.
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