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Katie Gray Conner's Joining PLNs

Join the best online community: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online community that I have enjoyed using this semester! I am a member of the Junior League of Gaston County and have used LinkedIn with this non-profit organization. I have been able to look up members of other non-profit organizations and discuss/share ideas about fundraisers to support our organization. I am the chair of our spring fundraiser called Whale of a Sale, which is a huge yard sale where all of the proceeds go to support the Battered Women's Shelter, Salvation Army, Boys and Girl's Club, Y-life Program, and other organizations that we sponsor. LinkedIn has help me be able to collect money for Whale of a Sale and advertise about our event! The Junior League is now using LinkedIn to advertise all of our events and collaborate with other non-profits in Gaston and other surrounding counties! It has been a great way to professionally work together and benefit the community!
What is LinkedIn?
Linkedin for Dummies

Are you up for some play? Join

I have used the online community Kindergarten Teachers several times throughout this year! It is a really cool site that allows kindergarten teachers to share ideas about how to teach certain concepts. Anyone who is a member can post a ideas, activities, pictures and write blogs. I have gotten a lot of STEM, math, and literacy centers/ideas off of here! I have also posted pictures of my class doing these activities and blogged about the outcome of the activities. There are also centers listed on this site that I already use in my classroom but because of the blogging feature on this site, I have been able to research better ways to instruct them. I am so happy with my experience so far on this PLN and know I will continue to use it in my classroom!

Below is a picture of the Elkon box books that I made for my students to use during guided reading, that I saw on Kindergarten Teachers!

Short Term and Long Term Goals:

  • to join several online communities that benefit my professional and personal life
  • be an active member by receiving and providing information to the members of the communities
  • to have a classroom blog for me and my students to blog once a week about what we are learning and doing in our centers. I will provide pictures of my students working and their learning activities.

Some of my Top Dreams!

These PLNs are Guaranteed to be Relaxing and Fun!

Personal Connections to Both:

The PLNs that I am a member of have so many personal connections to my life!

  1. The Junior League
  2. Kindergarten Teacher
  3. enjoyment of reading
  4. enjoyment of writing
  5. keeping up with friends
  6. creative ideas
  7. allowing me to be crafty, which I LOVE!
  8. providing me great activities to do with children at Levine's Children Hospital
  9. staying informed with professional options
  10. staying informed with church and community events

Other Social Networks I am Interested in:

Blogs, Blogs, Everywhere!!

Below are some blog sites that I enjoy!

The first one is the Kindergarten Teacher where I have blogged about activities I have done in my classroom and read up about other kindergarten teachers' posts.

The second one is blogspot. Blogspot is a free blogging site that my family has used to stay in touch. I come from a VERY large family that lives all over the United States. Nelli Family Antics is a blog site that all of us communicate back and forth with. Each family updates each other about what is going on and uploads pictures about when we get together and have events! We also have a website called

The third one is one I think would be really cool to use in the classroom! It is a free blog site as well that can be used by students. I have not used it in my classroom yet but hope to incorporate it soon. It has a lot of neat features and is a great way to communicate with children and for them to collaborate with each other. It is SUPER kid friendly!


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