The Presidents

It about to get presidential up in here.

Jefferson was the man

Achievements-cut the size of our army, cut taxes on whisky, slaves, and property, let the bank of the U.S. expire, author of the declaration of independence, passing the statute of religious of freedom in Virginia, founding of the university of Virginia. Buying the Louisiana purchase.

Failures-The embargo act. Stopping trade with European countries. He had to increase the size of government which was very contradicting to himself.

But so was Mr.Madison

Achievements- Architect of the constitution, served in congress, served as Jefferson’s secretary of state. He continued Jefferson’s democratic republican idea. He listened to the congressmen and got into the war of 1812. We practically won the war. Made everyone feel good about their nationalism.

Failures- He could have avoided the war of 1812. All the acts that he implied or created failed. Stopping trade with European countries.

PRESIDENTS............(like Jefferson) #toocoolforyou

I don't think you realize that..... Monroe was also the man.

Achievements- fought in revolutionary war, helped make the constitution, acquired Florida from Spain (Adams-Otis Tready of 1819) - Resolved border disputes with Britain. from The War of 1812 (Rush-Bagot Tready of 1817) - Articulated the Monroe Doctrine while he was president.

Failure-large scale unemployment in urban areas. not responding more forcefully to the economic downturn of the Panic of 1819 and his lack of progress in domestic affairs.

Who was the very best though?

I would say that it’s a tie for 1st with Jefferson and Madison. They both practically did the same things and handled situations in the United States very masterfully. They both contributed greatly in the constitution, and they both failed and strived for greatness in the war of 1812. Both were great leaders and both loved their country.

Monroe was a good president he really was but, he had too many failures that were so important to the growth of the united states. He himself was the most qualified I think to run the country. He just had too many shortcomings to be the best president out of these three.

Overall if I had to choose I would say that

1. Madison

2. Jefferson

3. Monroe