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May 2014 Newsletter

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Spotlight Diva of the Month: Barb Rabuck

Since we are celebrating Mother's Day this month it seems only fitting that I spotlight my own mother and first team member!

1. If you were a super hero, what super power would you want and why?

I'd love to be able to fly!

2. What talents do you have?

piano and hoarding

3. What is the most daring thing you have every done?

retiring after teaching for 41 years

4. What is your all time favorite movie?

"It's Complicated"

5. Chocolate or Vanilla?


6. Mountains or Beaches (or best vacation ever)?


7. Favorite Thirty-One product and print. If you own the product, what do you use it for?

all the totes! No more cardboard boxes in my closets!

8. What are your hobbies?

making jewelry and wreaths, needlework, reading, piano, laughing, spending time with friends, and bragging about my children!

Dream Builders

SoNia Smith and I each had one new recruit!
Please extend a warm welcome to these beYOUtiful ladies!!
Tawanda Odm
Rhea Schroeder
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April stats:


Staci Miller: $1504

Monisa Mooney: $1346

Jen Guerrero: $1253
Laura Pepper: $1179

SoNia Smith: 1


Staci Miller: 2

Monisa Mooney: 2

Laura Pepper: 2

Jen Guerrero: 2

Halexya Dicket: 2

Kristi Tate: 2

Team Stats


2 team members

2 parties

My Stats


1 recruit

2 parties

*only PV >$1000 will be recognized.

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Conference Bucks: * indicates you are registered for NC!!!
Monisa Mooney 12

*Staci Miller 10

*Melissa Edmonds 9

*Lindsay Machado 10

Michelle Jacobs 6

Brandy Bourgeois 8

Sonia Smith 9

*Jen Guerrero 11

*Jeannine Rousse 9

Christine Whelan 2

Amanda Faber 2

Amanda Barry 2

Kristi Tate 10

Kesha Kirchhoff 2

Kristine Macabare 4

Haleyxa Dicket 4

Barb Rabuck 2

Veronica Miller 1

Laura Pepper 6

SoNia Smith 9

Tawanda Odom 2

Rhea Schroeder 2

*Jacque McShane 11

StartSwell Earners:

Level 2 earners:

  • Kristi Tate
  • SoNia Smith
  • Monisa Mooney

Level 4 earners:

  • Jeannine Rousse