By: Katelynn Mitulski


The Pilgrims came over on the MayFlower and landed in a new land. The Pilgrims landed in a place called Cape Cod on november 11,1620. The trip to Massachusetts, Cape Cod took many of long days, it took 66 days. Squanto was a grate man to the Pilgrims. Squanto helped the pilgrims grow crops like corn and the corn was made into soup and bread. When the pilgrims were coming over only 1 person died on the way of coming over.

Coming Over

In 1620 the pilgrims came over on the MayFlower which was not made for the people to ride on. The Mayflower was made for carrying the Cargo across ocean. On the way over to cape cod only 1 person died on the way, but many people thought that many more people died then just 1. When the pilgrims came over they had hard trouble with the storms and weather. The weather will end up splashing water into the boats then the people will possibly die. The Mayflower in 1620 was not made for people it was made for cargo.

Surviving the Winter

A little bit after landing the hard, bad winter storms had struck. Before the storms began the pilgrims had to build many little hoses that kinda looks like log cabins. The Pilgrims had made 1 huge Common house and the rest are little hoses. The big Common house was made in to a big hospital. One part of there tribe died from the coldness.

Meeting Squanto

It was a little while when the Pilgrims found Squanto. But Samoset was the very first indian that the Pilgrims meet. Squanto was a great man he helped the pilgrims do many of thing. Squanto taught the pilgrims to plant many of crops like corn and many other crops. Since the spring they had ben successful. In the month of november the indians through a big feast.


do you know the true story on the pilgrims? many people would say yes but the probably wrong. so lets get to the true story about the pilgrims. a long time ago in 1620 the pilgrims came over in the Mayflower. but the Mayflower was not made for carrying people it was made. for carrying cargo. But only one person died on the way of coming over. when the pilgrims landed it was in winter and it was really cold. but before the bad winter storm began the pilgrims and Squanto had build cabin looking houses. but the larger or bigger house the common house was for a hospital. when the pilgrims meet Squanto he was a big help with many of different kinds of food. Squanto helped grow crops like corn and squash and wheat.