Cat co. Daily News

By Nicole Alvarez for The Daily News, Oct. 25, 1961

Local Old Church Burns Down


On October 25, 1961, Local old church burns down. In Tulsa, Oklahoma young children and teachers took a field trip to a local field spot close to the local old abandoned church to have a picnic. After careful counting of all children a teacher noticed there were about 8 - 10 kids missing from the group. Out of fear the teachers and children started panicking while 3 young men pulled up in a old convertible. After the three teenagers saw what was going on two of them went to go in and save the young kids inside the burning church. In conclusion the children were saved and the three young men were taken to the hospital.

Three Teenagers Save Children


The three teenage heroes have been identified as Dallas Winston, Johnny , and Ponyboy Curtis. The teenagers have been taken to the hospital , after two of them saving the children one of the teens got stuck under a piece of fire burning wood while the third teenager barged in to save him. the first teen has bruises and small burns over his body, the seconds has a burned back, has bad burns everywhere and is in critical condition, and the third teen has a fractured arm and small burns.