The Origins of Buddhism

Social Studies

The Life of Buddha

The story of how Buddha began is like a fairytale. Prince Siddhartha Gautama was born around 563 b.c. His father ruled a kingdom that is now Nepal. Siddhartha's father tried to guide his son toward becoming a king.

The Four Passing SIghts

Siddhartha was raised in a wealth and luxury. Legends say that one day when Siddartha was about 29, when he rode out the palace without any guards. During a second a ride he saw a man shrunken by disease, during the third the prince saw a man that died. The man's family stood over him crying. Siddhartha was shocked and horrified he had never seen such suffering and saddness before. When the prince arrived back ot the palace his servant explained that people grow old get sick and die. Siddhartha said, " All the joy of life which there is in life within me."