Ms. Reed's Super Students

Jan. 25th-28th

Quick Announcements! **

  1. Guided Reading- Guided Reading homework is something that must be completed. It will be short and simple and usually only one or two assignments a week. Every time it's completed they will receive a sticker on our chart!
  2. Winter Reading Challenge- The six flags reading challenge is still in effect until the end of February. If you are interested in completing the 6 hours with your child and are unsure how- email me and I will forward you the info from Mrs Denham!
  3. 21 Day Challenge! It officially started the 25th and class money has already been given daily for healthy snack at school or a log in their planner about a healthy snack after school!! We are also keeping track on a chart in the hallway!
  4. Last Chance to order your Yearbook!
  5. 2nd grade performance- Please sign the letter sent home today as well!
  6. HUGE THANK YOU! You and your kiddos helped make my birthday absolutely perfect! I cannot thank you enough! I felt so appreciated all day long, THANK YOU!
  7. Please Bring a 3D example-We need examples of 3D shapes from real life for a sort next week. The more shapes we have- the more meaningful the sort.
    EX-Pringles can=cylinder, Cereal Box=rectangular Prism, etc

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21 Day Challenge- Eating Healthy!

Monday, Jan. 25th, 12am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Please register by the 24th!

We want 100% participation. All it requires is healthy snacking!

As an added- we have decided on in class rewards for every day that your child:

  1. eats a fruit with breakfast
  2. eats a veggie with lunch and dinner
We even have a checklist! The friends that complete all 21 days or, the top 2 kiddos, will receive an in-class reward!

This week we learned alot!

Math- This week we have bounced off our discussion of fractions and dove into geometry. We discussed breaking a shape into fourths or halves and creating new shapes. We made a chart with their attributes, including sides, vertices, and non examples all the way up to an octagon.

Reading- In reading we have continued our focus on text features but honed in on to Table of Contents and photographs and how they can help us determine our purpose and generate questions.

Writing- We have sprialed back to writing small moments with a review of what a small moment is and how to zoom in from a watermelon idea to a seed topic using the tiny topic notebooks (yellow take home folder)

Science- We reviewed and took our CBA on Wednesday and Thursday and reflected on our answers on Friday.

Social Studies- We will be going back to our important citizens discussion and add to our Famous Americans book, with an Abigail Adams page.

Picture Walk through our Week

Valentines Parties

Friday, Feb. 12th, 1:30pm

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

We have 20 students exactly!

7 Boys- Jayden, Blake, Ronan, Wyatt, Gannon, Riley, Cy

13 Girls- Sophie, Claire, Gillian, Katy, Uli, Kinsey, Hayden, Harper, Rilyn, Sarah, Ella, Haley, Jubilee

Celebrate Carroll (last week!)

Celebrate Carroll

Friday, Jan. 29th, 8am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Next Week...

In reading students will be learning about different text structures such as compare/contrast, cause/effect, problem/solution, etc

Our writing lessons will be continuing with small moments and learning how to make them meaningful and in sequential order.

In math the students will use what we have learned about 2D shapes and their attributes and apply them to 3D shapes and figures.

Our science focus will move on to weather. We will learn and predict temperature, precipitation, etc and it will include a fun iPad activity.

Our social studies will be about Paul Revere and Sojourner Truth

Entering daily on a positive note being reminded how KIND we can be!

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Still time to join PTA! (any relative can be a member!)

The contest is still going on! The class with the most family members to join wins! Anyone and everyone can join! Last year our PTA had 100% participation school wide! To celebrate that we even received state recognition for achieving it last year!

Contact Info!

Feel free to contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible! The best ways are through email, class Dojo (messages work similar to texts), and be sure to check out our Instagram page!