I am...



I sing, I like discovering weird music and I love animals. I also dye my hair a lot and spend most of my time with my best friend.
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Favorite Song

I don't have a favorite song, it usually depends on my mood. But I do have favorite albums.

Geidi Primes - Grimes

Memento Mori - Flyleaf

Maxinquaye - Tricky

The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me - Brand New

Hatful of Hollow - The Smiths

No Mythologies to Follow - MØ

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I'm not at all athletic, coordinated or skilled with people so I dislike clubs and sports.

What I Did This Break

I got a snake that I saved up for for months, my boyfriend and I got a lizard together, I did summer school and adventured with my best friend.
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Favorite Quote/Saying

I don't have a favorite quote exactly, I mainly like lyrics.


My snake, Drusilla.

My lizard.

My four cats, Franky, Cassie, Purdy and Mya.

My two dogs, Lily and Archie.

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Somewhere I Want to Visit

Everywhere. My plan after I graduate is to travel a lot and the main places I want to go are Australia, France, and Japan.