5th and 6th Grade


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Over the next few weeks (including Spring Break) the 5th and 6th grade TAG groups will be participating in Civic Action Campaigns.

Each class gets to pick a passion that they all share and brainstorm ways to contribute to their cause.

Hashtags have been created, posters all over school have been hung up, and public service announcements have been recorded.

Through these campaigns students will learn what it means to be a responsible citizen and participate in community efforts.


The Monday afternoon class has decided to hold a supply drive for local Humane Societies. We have set a collection goal of 200 items and plan to split the items between the Elmore County and Macon County Humane Societies.

Help us reach our goal!!

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The Tuesday afternoon class has decided to participate in Project Linus. Project Linus is an organization that collects handmade blankets for children who are ill, abandoned, or abused. These security blankets help show the children that they are loved and that someone took time out of their day to make them a blanket and share love with them.

We are collecting fleece to make no sew blankets. Each blanket has to be handmade and not store bought so we are going to be blanket making fiends! (Preferably 2 yards of fabric total per blanket)

**The students wanted alliteration in their hashtag so that is why a word is misspelled.


The Wednesday morning class has decided to collect letters for veterans. A goal of 200 letters has been set so we are asking that everyone write letters!

Take a couple minutes and jot down a nice note to our veterans!

#WordsfortheWounded PSA


The girls in the Wednesday afternoon class are collecting hygiene products for ACTS in Tallassee.

Items such as shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, bars of soap, shaving cream, mouthwash, dental floss, etc. are being collected.

A collection goal of 150 items has been set.



The boys of the Wednesday afternoon class are hosting a book drive! They are collecting books to help stimulate reading at SMS as well as Tallassee as a whole!

Books of all lengths and reading levels are being accepted. Please evaluate books and make sure they are in decent condition so that someone else can enjoy your previously loved books.

There is a collection goal of 100 books.


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The Thursday afternoon class is cleaning the campus and recycling aluminum cans.

We are going to go outside for about 30 minutes every class period and pick up trash around campus in order to keep our school grounds clean.

On top of cleaning campus, we are collecting aluminum cans to recycle so save your soda cans!! (Please rinse cans before bringing them in)


The Friday morning class is collecting canned foods to donate to ACTS in Tallassee.

We have set a goal of 250 cans to help feed the hungry!

Please make sure that cans are in date and not dented. (Dented cans can cause tiny wholes and allow bacteria to grow. We do not want anyone to get botulism!)

Help us make our goal!!


If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me!!