Law as a Career: Trial Lawyer

What does a trial lawyer do?

A trial lawyer's job requires them to work for anybody, civil or criminal, if there is a source of evidence. The trial lawyer is responsible to his client to persuade the jury of the facts and support his client's position, no matter what side he is on. Outside of the courtroom they gather facts, study cases, and meet judges.


Trial lawyer have the biggest potential among any type of lawyer to make lots and lots of money. Most civil trial lawyers in their first year of working, if in a big city, will make an entry level of $160,000 a year. Even in a smaller city the entry level salary is $100,00. After a few years having the right clients and winning your cases, you can be making north of $3 million a year.

Education and Work after School

To be a trial lawyer you need to get an undergraduate degree plus your 3 years of law school. When it comes to your major however, you can major in anything you want.