American Franchises and TV Advertising


Franchises were born in San Bernardino California in the early 1950's. The very first company to franchise itself was McDonald's who sold the right to franchise for $950 per franchise. Thus the McDonald's corporation was born. It was more of the event than the company that started this thriving form of business. Franchises began o pop up everywhere in more than just the food industry. Allowing a company to reap the rewards of owning many business's, while letting the business's manage themselves. Franchises account for a lot of the countries business growth at that time.

The Impact

Franchises rise to attention aloud a great number of entrepreneur's to start a business without having to build it up from nothing. Also the franchise name advertised itself. As people began to know the franchise name in one place they will remember it someplace else and know that this is a good place to get their product. The impact of franchises on the business world was immense.

Now that franchises began to grow people could get what they needed from a franchise they trusted almost anywhere.

TV Advertising

How it Started

After the invention of television and it's growing popularity, TV began to get a lot more viewers. TV advertising aloud TV business's to advertise other business's on their channel for a fee. This commercial fee would help the business build up itself and get better viewing quality, and programs.

This also impacted national business's because they could now advertise their business or product across the country. Commercials were a great way for business's across the country to get themselves out there. This starting market would grow to be one of the biggest advertising mediums and the cause for the growth in TV channels, in the future.