Intellectual Property Tips & Tricks

Professional Learning Division

Hello NCVPS teachers!

As you begin the process of working in Canvas and navigating your way through the Intellectual Property Professional Learning, use this information to answer some FAQs about the course.


What am I supposed to do first?

  • In the first week of June, we're asking that you log in and verify that you have access to the course.
  • Begin to get a feel for the platform. Look around!
    Struggling with how to navigate? Watch this video from Don Lourcey!
  • Find your group and interact in the group discussion area. You have a group number, and you're asked to discuss times and a schedule for group interaction.
  • Locate the Learning Activity Checklist for a visual of what is to be completed by the end of the PL.

What is the timeline for this Professional Learning?

The course opened on June 1. To gain credit for the coursework, all activities should be completed by October 1.

Because we know that you might use summer as an opportunity to finish up (a little more downtime in summer!), we understand that you may want to work through the course now rather than wait until Fall. That's ok!

Set up a time with your group members to have a conversation, interact in the discussion board, and work your way through the learning activities and assignments. Learning Conversations are indicated throughout the course content with the following icon. You will only need to have learning conversations around the topic when you see this icon:
Big image

But don't I have to have a weekly schedule?

Nope! There is no weekly schedule. The course is semi-self-paced meaning that you work through the modules and activities on your time but are expected to have Learning Conversations with your group members as well. Simply follow the instructions that are associated with the above Learning Conversations icon.

What if my group members don't respond to me?

Rich conversation is key to our professional learning being just that much more successful. If you are talking through the key points and the questions you're having, you're going to find that you not only remember the material better but that you'll understand it and carry it beyond the few weeks you spend in the professional learning activities.

We hope (and expect) that you'll do your best to have the conversations with your team members so that you'll grow as a teacher and learner. Remember, the Learning Conversations icon will trigger the focus for your group.

You may have already reached out to your group members only to have crickets respond. If that's the case, please send an email to or so we can help you!

How do I know when I'm done?

Brian Whitson and Lydia Richmond will be facilitating the course. This means we'll be interacting with you, giving you feedback, and working through the course as well.

At the end of your Learning Activities, you will complete a survey. Once you've completed the assignments on the Learning Activities Checklist and had discussions with your group, you're finished!

Ummm, I can't log in!

If you're struggling to log in (e.g., the log in you were told to use isn't working), please reach out to us! We'll do our best to get you set up correctly (or at least find the magic NCVPS elf who can!).