Cyber Bulling and the Law

By: TJ Miller

  • The 49 states that have bullying laws require schools to set up a policy about bullying

  • Only 18 states include cyber bullying in their anti-bullying legislation

  • The Federal Government made requirements for off campus behavior, so cyberbullying has to be regulated by the school

  • Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among youth ranging in age from 15 to 24
  • Suicide rates went up in males from 2000-2003
  • In a survey of 24 million students, 625,000 of those reported bullying
  • 25% of officers in schools and 40% of regular law enforcement officers didn't know about cyber bullying laws

  • About 1000 policemen said that cyber bullying really concerns them

  • More than 90% of school officers has dealt with cyber bullying
  • About 28% of students, ages (12-18) reported some kind of bullying

Knowing how to protect yourself from cyber bullying is very important

Three positive ways to respond to cyber bullying

  • If you see bullying report it to a parent or teacher
  • Go and cancel your social media sites if cyber bullying is happening to you
  • Report it to an anonymous cyber bullying tip line

Helpful websites

  • Violence prevention works
  • cyberbullying

On every social media site there will always be a help center where you can go and describe what you are reporting and why

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Outside of being expelled from school and sports activities, you can get charged with up to five years in jail

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Story of Rebecca Sedwick

Rebecca Sedwick was only 12 when she committed suicide. She was bullied by two kids in her class. She received text messages and online messages telling her that she should kill herself and to drink bleach. In 2012 she was hospitalized because she attempted to commit suicide. After that she moved schools but the online bullying never stopped.