Personal Logo

Created Using Vinyl Stickers and a Vinyl Printer

Why This Product Would Appeal to Consumers

This product would be appealing to those who know me. I designed this logo to be representative of myself and my personality. As such, my friends and family would put this sticker on their most prized possessions and a reminder of their relationship with me. And, anyone who wants to own something that I designed specifically for my own use is crazy enough to pay an absurd amount of money.

Obstacles Faced

The primary obstacle I faced was how to succinctly summarize myself in a logo. My personality is not so simple as to be easily represented by simple pictures and designs. As such, I included things that one would easily associate with the name, Jake Nickelson. My glasses, a button up plaid shirt, and a white t-shirt are all things I wear on a daily basis. As for the text, I chose my personal motto, but translated it into Latin, because I have to have Latin in every project I do for whatever reason. I dunno, I think it looks cool. (The attached image is an example of a coat-of-arms, which is what I based my design on.)

What I am Proud Of

I am most proud of my use of color in my design. I used a plaid pattern in such a way as to accentuate certain aspects of my design. I am also proud of how I created a coat-of-arms type design for my sticker.