come to our safe parks and ponds

Parks and ponds

We have the best parks and ponds around. First we have pentagon park, which has 5 lines of symmetry where your kids can play and just a refection away we have pentagon pond which also has 5 lines of symmetry. Second we have hexagon pond which has 6 lines of symmetry fishing made fun. Next we have a grass lawn around the dallas ball in the shape of a rectangle it also has 4 lines of symmetry. Last we have a triangular park and just a translation away we have a triangular pond which both have 1 line f symmetry.


Angles and Lines

My right angle is on Lucas lane and Boss lane. My acute angle is on side street and Lucas lane. My obtuse angle is on Jack Drive and Side Street. My perpendicular streets are Lucas Lane and Boss lane, and Jack drive and Winners Way. My intersecting streets are Side Street and Jack drive, and Side street and Lucas lane. My parallel streets are Lucas Lane and Jack drive, and Boss lane and Winners way.