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April 11, 2016

Week at a Glance

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Custodial (Parental) Arrangements

There is a large population of students at our school that have special custodial arrangments due to the parents being separated. Unfortunately, that number is continuously growing. If any of your parents notify you that a change in happening within the family, please let Athena and everyone in the front office know immediately. This helps us ensure the safety of our students.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports will go out Friday, April 29. Please begin to input grades now. This may offset some of the stress that may occur around testing week. Additionally, continue to have conversations with your parents around their children. Don't forget to call about the positive as well as the negative things that are going on with that student. These regular conversations prevent any surprises when the progress reports are released.

Almost there!

As we make final preparations for these assessments, please do everything you can to protect instructional time for our students. Keep classroom interruptions to a minimum. Maximize the time your students spend engaging in lessons. As you all know, it’s also important to encourage student attendance even more during this time of year. In addition, remind students and parents how much better students can perform when they eat a proper breakfast and get a good night’s sleep. Our goal is to set up our students for success by helping them prepare for these tests mentally and physically.

Teacher of the Year

This is the last call for Teacher of the Year Nominations. Get them in this week! We only have 6 votes!

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Our Goal!

As a school, we began the year with 33% of our students at/above benchmark in literacy. Currently, we have 44% of our students at/above benchmark. Let’s continue our race in finishing strong. Our goal for the school is to have 60% of students at or above benchmark in literacy! How can we reach some of those students who just need a little extra support? What does individualized instruction look like for our creative learners? Below you will find the Instructional Cha-Cha-Cha’s that will serve as a beneficial resource when planning and implementing instruction.

Students At/Above Benchmark Schoolwide

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Instructional Cha-Cha-Cha's

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