My 2015 Trip to Utah

A personal narrative by William Hadfield

It was 2:00 in the morning when I was woken up by my mom. I was very tired but still knew what was happening. James, Fiona, mom, dad, and I took our stuff and got in the car.After everything was ready, we said a prayer that we would be safe. This was the beginning to our annual, long drive, Utah trip. We started driving and drove for HOURS! It was sooooo boring! During the drive we took bathroom breaks and sometimes bought some snacks or drinks. Fiona, James, and I played our tablets, my parents took turns driving and we ate lots of snacks! After hours and hours of driving we finally got to the hotel we were staying for the night in. After we unpacked the car we watched t.v. and went to sleep.

The next day we packed all our stuff into the car after breakfast and got into the car. We started driving and drove the rest of the long way to arches national park. To get to the main area of arches national park we had to drive on a cliff ledge which scared me to death. We parked our car and started walking to some arches we could climb. Climbing arches is soooo fun! I don't remember the names of all the arches only one which is called delicate arch. We climbed a arch I have climbed along time ago. The arch had a high cliff on one side which was really scary. We climbed a couple others I forget the names of and also one called delicate arch. It took forever to get to delicate arch. we walked forever and climbed a lot then we finally got to it. On one side was I believe is a 400 ft drop. One the other side is the bowl which we climbed into. It is really scary to climb into the bowl but it is even more scary to climb up. It scared me to death climbing up, I thought I would fall. After everything, we went to a hotel to stay the night.

The next day we had breakfast after getting in our clothes. After breakfast we put everything in the car and got in. we started driving and drove for hours. We of course took breaks during the drive. After hours of driving we finally got to our great grandpa's house.