By Ellis and Tim


Hydrosphere- All the water on earth


Biosphere- supplies water and nutrients needed to sustain life

Lithosphere-rain, river, and ocean currents erode the layers of the earth

Atmosphere- influences cloud formation

Affected by:

Biosphere- people pollute the water and use it faster than it can be replaced

Lithosphere-the movement of plate tectonics

Atmosphere-supplies energy for the water cycle

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Biosphere-all life on earth


Hydrosphere-the living things consume all water around the earth

Lithosphere- we drill down into the earth to obtain resources

Atmosphere-we pollute the air

Affected by:

Hydrosphere-good source of transportation

Lithosphere-provides land for living things to live

Atmosphere-the ozone protects us from the uv rays

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Lithosphere- the layers of the atmosphere


Hydrosphere- holds all of the water

Biosphere- contains all life on earth

Atmosphere- mountains break the natural flow of the air causing it it bend

Affected by:

Hydrosphere- rains onto the lithosphere and affects climate

Biosphere- use it for transportation

Atmosphere- contains the weather

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Atmosphere- the air


Hydrosphere- holds the water particles

Lithosphere- wind erodes the surface

Biosphere- gives living things air to breath

Affected by:

Hydrosphere- water evaporates into atmosphere

Lithosphere- The volcanic ash shoots up into the atmosphere

Biosphere- pollutes the atmosphere

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