Created By: Taylor & Maureen

Prologue (By Taylor Johnson)

There was a hotel in a very strange place

That attracted people with a very brave place

This hotel, old, and even haunted with ghosts

Shows peoples’ colors and what they value most.

There was a maid, a manager, and even a bellhop

As well as a family, who came by for a stop

Now these people put themselves across as good

They do sneaky things like no one else would

First the maid, and then you’ll see

What she does to support her family

Or perhaps the bellhop, you’ll think he’s sweet

But he fights to remain on his street

Now the rebellious kid, you know know what’s coming

What he gets into will send you running

And then there’s the ghost- so swift and quiet

You can’t bother him without causing a riot

Now at the hotel are these characters in desperate need

Of a lesson concerning stealing, cheating, and greed

Will they ever learn to be trusted

Or just end up getting busted?

The Maid (By Taylor Johnson)

People don't understand the life she lives

She has nothing to offer, nothing to give

She works all day and works all night

She truly does try with all her might

Her occupation, but a lousy maid

She barely ever does get paid

Does he, her boss, not understand

All of the things she balances in her hand?

Her kids, no husband, how hard it must be

To be so deprived- living in poverty

Oh the things she must do to stay afloat

She stole from a guest who tended to boast

Cutting corners now whenever she can

Her rooms remain dirty, rather than spic and span

Wearing low cut tops, and short skirts too

She surely catches attention, it's true

In her mind she thinks it's okay

Going around and acting this way

It's for her kids, that's the lifestyle she chose

Whether she gets caught or not, nobody knows

The Ghost (By Maureen Padilla)

Silent as a mouse as if it was from the pound
He will haunt you down from above the ground
Being with such cruel thing will bring over the worst
Harmful as a bear, with quite a dare
It says don't stay but run away,
He will show up in the light
Where no one will see him in the night
Its asleep during the day as one can say,
Sign of fast will leave you at last

There is so much fear that it is near

He is not the type to mess around with

Nor he is not any sort of myth

He is felt by a cool breeze

Like if someone had sneezed

As he would say I am a ghost,

I am not alive nor dead, but living in both worlds

Slow and quiet, Nerves on the edge

In the tip of the spear

So much loss in the air,

That he is not willing to care

The Bellhop (By Taylor Johnson)

Not of this country nor this state

He has come from a land that far awaits

He wanted something better for him

For the country he lived in, his future was dim

He now is a bellhop at a hotel nearby

Which allows him to stay, he surely is sly

However his character is humble and quiet

If officials knew he was here, they'd cause a riot

Hard working is he, and often stays late

And continuously asks the maid for a date

He will do anything, just to remain

Or to prevent him from getting back on that plane

One day he hopes for kids an a wife

To better himself, to better his life

For now he stays hidden, but not for long

Until someone recognizes his wrong

Earning little money for all his hard work

While the manager has on his face, a smirk

The manager knows he will do anything to stay

Which is why his mouth is shut for today

The Rebellious Kid (By Maureen Padilla)

As crazy it may seem
But it's been a gleam
He's not a bit nice
Not even to the little mice

The whole world revolves around him

He doesn’t give a hoot about you or the sky

Dump the rules in the trash, he doesn't want to know why

Something he would is I get what I want

I say what I want and I do what I want

The spoiled brat cut a hole in his hat,

The spoiled brat put a coat on the cat,

He might be sneaky and very peaky

He cares about himself and no one else

He judges as quick as the speed of light

As if he wanted to fight

He is not to be trusted nor cared about,

He is immature towards society

He believes he is king of his own world

As long as it twirled

The Maid's Tale (By Taylor Johnson)

There was once a boy a long time ago

Who lived with a family that didn't make enough dough

They struggled, and fought to pay the bills

Their life seemed to be spinning downhill

Now this fine young boy was smart and humble

Always the first one to school and you never heard a grumble

The day soon came for him to graduate

This causes for a party, a reason to celebrate

The boy realized, and soon become sad

There was no money for college- not even a tad

All this hard work for no more school

He thought to himself, “This isn't cool.”

The summer came quickly as it should

And the boy soon made friends that were up to no good

These boys would do things that break the law

Leaving them prisoners of the devil’s claw

One day these boys asked the one

To stick around and have a little fun

These boys were rich but had no occupations

They steal from stores to gain a sensation

But this boy needed money and this seemed the only way

How much for college was he really willing to pay?

If caught it would cost him his reputation

And if not he would have no relaxation

Just how much is money truly worth?

Enough to risk his life on earth?

The boy was then faced with a decision

To go the easy way, or live with a vision

Either way there will be a sacrifice

Every life decision always has a price

Now the real question is, which will you be

Would you risk getting caught or your dignity?

There is always a way that doesn't seem hard

But the easy path you should definitely discard

It’s easy to lie, steal, cheat, and take

But all you’re doing, is being fake

Set out on the path that is truthful and right

And there you will find peace and delight

The Rebellious Kids' Tale (By Maureen Padilla)

Having to waste special belongings and not care about yourself is just not right.

You see some of us need to desire for our own needs and need to be less egotistical.

I can assure you need to be less egotistical, but everyone needs to pay attention to me!

Listen carefully and listen close, there once was a family who moved in Sunnydale town.

There was single child, which was a girl, and lived in a very enormous house.

The house had 6 rooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, a very big open field with a pool and a tennis court.

The parents were filthy rich and well the 12 year old daughter never had time to be with her parents,

They worked the whole day Mondays through Saturdays from 6 am to 9pm.

The daughter just wanted a normal life so she could be happy

Her parents never listened and growing up for her she has become a spoiled brat.

The daughter had everything she needed since her parents have bought her everything

The girl cared about herself too much she was very egotistical and spoiled.

She didn’t care about others nor what the others thought of her since she was just so cruel,

She knows her actions speak for herself, but she knew she wanted to change in the inside

She wanted to fit in with the others and have someone to care about her and all about her.

One day she was walking home from school, she saw a homeless 12 year old boy laying on the floor,

He had been asking for money to however had passed by him and so she was by him.

She said “ Get away you nasty smelly trashy kid!” The kid had spoken back at her and said

“ Now there why don’t you feel, wouldn’t you like to change for your benefit?”

She stopped and looked at him and she said “ Well yes of course! But how? It’s impossible.”

The boy got up and looked at her and told her “ If you want to change take me out on a date.” She gagged and said “ Are you serious? But look at you!” “What? Don’t you want to change?” he said. “ Fine lets go.” She said. So both go on a date off to eat at a fancy restaurant called The Chillz.

The girl ordered a Steak Sirloin and the boy ordered chicken fingers with a side of french fries.

“So how is this supposed to help me change?” she said. “I have soo much to tell you. You are a very straight forward women, but what I see is a young, intelligent, outstanding, and beautiful girl and if date me you will see that everything will change.” He said. So she accepts the decision and from that day on she has been the nicest and happiest person alive.