Breaking News!

By: Faith Nanna

A Possible World War?

Our allies are beefing up their Military, building it up stronger. New weapons, from the industrial revolution, are being used against opponents in battles. Not only is the military being upgraded but Navies are gaining strength too. More countries are starting to gain more allies, because countries want alliances with strong countries.

Money and power. Good or bad?

Since many countries are gaining strength, they want riches and power. Other countries are wanting to create large empires and be powerful and wealthy. The powerful countries try to take over or "help" the smaller, less powerful countries. These smaller nations are loyal to their own countries and that's where nationalism comes in.

Effective Immediately!

We have just received news that a furious Serbian man has shot and killed the heir to the Austria-Hungary Empire. Right after this, a World War was put into action. Austria-Hugary declared a war on Serbia, then allies of Seribia declared war on Austria-Hungary. Allies of Austria-Hungary then declared war of Serbia's allies. Many empires collided and caused chaos.

Tied together

The military and navy were gaining strength. This made more countries want alliances with the stronger countries. Then the strong and powerful countries with the good military and navy defenses wanted to become even more powerful than before. So when they tried to build a bigger empire and take over over smaller countries, the smaller countries were loyal to their countries.
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