Digital Citizenship

What it means to be a teen in this time of technology.

Tips and tricks to being safe

Make sure you know what your putting online, Anything you make public online can be viewed by anyone. Change settings to friends or family only, and don't release information that may put you in a negative light.

Keeping electronic use in check.

Using devices is not a bad thing by any means. But when people start to abuse and overuse devices that's when problems can occur. Limit the time you spend on the computer, tablet, or your smartphone. By doing this you minimize health risks while still being connected and up to date!

Stay Focused, multitasking is good, but not during school!

Never Give information to strangers online!

What is a digital footprint?

Anything you put online can be considered a digital footprint, keep that in mind when applying for a job, your employer might check your online profiles!

Using the Internet and technology properly!

Don't mistreat you electronic devices, also, don't use the internet to look up inappropriate content, social media is okay to a degree, make sure you know the websites you are visiting are safe and secure!