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Week of April 18, 2016

How will you CHANGE THE WORLD by sharing & supporting your opinion?

Lesson Plans Due

Monday, April 18th, 8:30am

Bullock School

Evacuation Drill

Tuesday, April 19th, 1pm

New Street Park

PTO Meeting

Tuesday, April 19th, 6pm


CAST Meetings

Thursday, April 21st, 8:30am-2:30pm

Small Conference

Please have all paperwork turned in by Tuesday. This should include the follow-up form & intervention logs.

PBS Universal Reward - Gr3

Friday, April 22nd, 9am


  • Gr1: 4/27 (9:00 AM)
  • Gr2: 4/29 (9:00 AM)

Bulldog Buddies Universal Reward: Earthday Movie @GHS

Oceans - Disney Nature Official Trailer 2010

The Curriculum Corner: It's Garden Season!

Click here to view a fantastic series of videos from PBS Learning Media that can support our garden routines now that spring is here! From "a year in the life of a garden" to "pests & helpers", PBS has it all covered! All the videos are short, and as you click through you will find that each video includes a breakdown of the applicable standards, a background essay (for whole group/close reading) & some questions. Thank you for a fantastic week & have a great weekend!
The Curriculum Corner Online

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News & Notes

Bulldog Buddies Updates
  • In order to monitor bathroom behaviors & vandalism we will be establishing "grade level restrooms" for 2nd & 3rd Grade. Rooms in the 2nd grade hall will use the restroom at the end of the hallway (by the gym). Rooms in the 3rd grade hall will use the restroom next to the cafeteria. This routine will be followed during lunches as well.
  • Our next Bulldog Buddies Universal Reward is here! To celebrate our achievements (and Earth Day) we will be enjoying "Disney Nature: Oceans" at GHS! As you watch, consider how this can support our opinion writing unit!

Garden Updates

  • Bullock Garden Jeans week of April 25th - $15 for the week. Collection envelope will be in the main office.
  • Bullock Garden 1st Birthday T-Shirt fundraiser begins tomorrow! Forms will be in your mailboxes tomorrow morning. All orders must be in by April 25th to receive your shirt to wear for Bullock Garden Day on May 4th!
  • Classes will also be able to plant your class seedlings in the garden the week of May 2nd to celebrate Bullock Garden Day. Stay tuned for a sign-up email!
  • Don't forget to water those seedlings!

You're the Best...Quotes from the Staff!

  • Lauren, thank you for organizing our first grade trip and taking care of all those important details.
  • Shout out to Everyone that has supported all the charities that Bullock has chosen to give financial donations. “You are the BEST”
  • Thank you to Donna for hooking us up with the HS for a movie! Fun reward!
  • Shout out to Marcy for organizing the weather assembly with Donna!
  • Miss Vicki for always delivering breakfast with a smile and a kind word
  • Lauren, thank you for organizing our first grade trip and taking care of all those important details.
  • Thank you Gloria for always taking care of our little buddy!
  • Thank you Deneen for so efficiently handling the School Nurse supply orders. We appreciate it
  • Thanks to all of our staff who cover in the lunch room. It can be a tough job, but you make it work.
  • Steph – thanks for being a great team member and getting our group presentation going! You rock!
  • Donna, Sandy, Venetia for organizing the 2nd grade Treasure Hunt!
  • Thank you to Miss Kim for the orange juice! You really are the best!

Schoolwide Events

  • 04/04 - Bulldog Buddy Roleplays Start (4/4-4/8)
  • 04/07 - Faculty Meeting
  • 04/08 - Star Student Luncheon
  • 04/13 - Bulldog Buddies Meeting
  • 04/14 - CAST Meetings; Calkins PLC; Gr2 Treasure Hunt
  • 04/19 - ELA Team Meeting
  • 04/21 - CAST Meetings; Calkins PLC
  • 04/25 - PARCC Testing Begins (4/25-5/13)
  • 04/29 - Star Student Luncheon

Happy Birthday!

  • Sandy Debes - 4/8
  • Patti Paulsen - 4/10
  • Sonya Harris - 4/13
  • Carol Yaksta - 4/18
  • Amanda Brice - 4/24
  • Dorothy Nelson - 4/30
  • Mari-Kay Matteo - 4/28
  • Joan Mannino - 4/29

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