Santa Ana´s journey

By: Drew

Manifest Destiney

Definition: The 19th century doctrine or belief that the expansion of the US throughout the american continents was both justified and inevitable.

I agree with this concept because the US needed time to expand and this justified the time for it.

Impact on westward expansion

My job was to move 300 families west and settle them into the west, which I was given permission by the government from. I successfully did my job and everyone that I moved from texas had a peaceful life well lived.

Why I moved west

I didn´t get full approval from my mexican government so the tretey wasn´t fully approved. This was all happening right about the time I had lost the war with the texans in about 1835 which lead to us getting booted out of texas into the West.
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Quote from my time period experience.

A quote from my time period on democracy and liberty. ´´ He who is given cases consents to obey his fellows with servility, and who submits his will, and even his thoughts, to their control, how can he pretend that he wishes to be free´ - Alexis de tocqueville. This quote was written in 1835 and prompts liberty and freedom.

What were my desires and hopes.

My hopes were to get my people to the west and to win a war against the texans. The texans won the war of 1835 and I was pretty disappointed because we had more people than they did but we still lost.

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No book reference because there was no book for me.

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