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I AM The Wholistic You

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About IAM

Located on Twin Palm Road, IAM "the holistic you" is a place of retreat that focuses on the entire person, "beauty from the inside out". Not only does IAM create a cosmetic look for you,it also helps you discover your inner self. The staff at IAM are here to hold your hand as you refine and define who you are. Decide to move forward on this great journey called life,TODAY

Jewel of Africa

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About Jewel Of Africa

JEWEL OF AFRICA is an exclusive jewellery manufacturer based in Lusaka, Zambia. Our gems are cut to perfection in order to achieve optimum brilliance. Our lead designer, Rashmi Sharma, designs each piece with a particular attention to colour, shape and size.

The Cotton Pod

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About Cotton Pod

casual clothes made out of 100% cotton fabrics which are hand printed in vibrant colors and fabulous fun prints.

Mpando Furniture

About Mpando

Mpando Furniture targets the individual or organisation that values modern and stylish living with contemporary, comfortable and functional furniture.

About this Showcase

Showcasing fashion,jewelry, accessories and beauty products, services and events. To get on this showcase contact us on the details below