Who is the Monster?

Kelsey Waughop, Shelby Smith, Beth Zuber, & Shelby Tripses

What is a monster?

An imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening

The Real Monster...

Although the creature meets the criteria of a "true" monster, we believe that the real monster of the story is Victor Frankenstein.

Reasons Victor is the Monster

  • Victor knew he was doing wrong when he began making the creature
  • He neglected to take responsibility of his new creation
  • Frankenstein was the person who created the creature in the first place and abandoned him, even though he wasn’t intelligent enough to be on his own.
  • Could have told people of the creature, and that would have saved a lot of lives

Reasons the Creature is NOT the Monster

  • He was trying to fend for himself
  • Recognized that his actions inflected pain upon others and attempted to stop
  • The reasoning for the creatures actions was that people were denying him the right to fit in
  • Wanted another creature made so he could feel the same love that he saw from the people in the cabin
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Based on our explanations, we believe that the overall moral of the story is to take responsibility of your actions.

  • Victor needed to take care of the creature in the beginning.
  • Victor did not admit to creating the creature after the first death, he waited to tell until his entire family was dead.
  • He could have gotten rid of the creature by creating a companion, but refused to because of his own fears.