Trip of a Life Time

Into Space

Come on an adventure!

Are you ready for an adventure? Are you bored of life on earth? Or do you just want to have the trip of a lifetime out of this atmosphere? Come on a trip with us and see sights never been seen before. Choose somewhere to go and we can take you there!

Rocket to Space

Sunday, June 13th 3013 at 5:30am to Thursday, June 13th 3016 at 7:45am

Out of Space

Buy the trip of you life for just $200,000. Destination prices not included*


Choose somewhere to go and we will take you. Go to the moon if you like or have a family trip inside a black hole. You can even go to mars. To enquire about where you want to go its as easy as pressing a few buttons. Call on 04 8637 8363, go to our website www.outof or come to your closest store.

Luxury, luxury, luxury!

Whilst on your trip enjoy the luxury of our brand new F- 54 jet. This jet renown for its impeccable style and its 1st class cabin and bar. This jet also has a pool with a double layer of glass floor. Also the whole ship is made out of a unbreakable glass so you will not miss out on any sights.

scarlet and mia out of this world video 1