Keep Calm and Kari On

Soundtrack to the life and times of Kari Burgess


I want to dedicate this soundtrack to the teachers who have believed in me, inspired me, and helped me when I needed it the most: Mr. Haas, Mrs. Denning, Mrs. Robson, Mrs. Woodard, and Mrs. Krum. I also want to dedicate it to my boyfriend Derrick for being by my side always, my mom for being an angel, and all of my friends who make my life better.

Some Nights Intro - Fun. (3:39)

First of all, I think Fun. is the most gosh-darned adorable band in the world, and their music has really touched me at a point in my life that I needed a pick-me-up, so they will be featured often on this soundtrack. Second, I chose this particular song because it's a great intro and because it's the only song I've ever found that describes perfectly how it feels to have an anxiety disorder, something I've struggled with for several years.
Fun.: Some Nights Intro [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers (3:37)

My boyfriend and I were binge-watching every season of How I Met Your Mother when we came across the episode featuring this gem. He will sometimes sing it to me in a goofy Scottish accent, and whenever I hear the song I think of how lucky I am to be with someone who always makes me laugh.
The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Lyrics

Who I'd Be - Shrek: The Musical (4:12)

I'm currently playing Ogress Fiona in Shrek: the Musical, and this is my favorite song in it. It's about what Shrek would do if he weren't an ogre, but it's also a super gorgeous song. It's the song where I get to first appear onstage, which is super exciting. It's also one of the only songs in the show that doesn't sound like Rent.
Shrek The Musical - Who I'd Be

Brave - Sara Bareilles (3:58)

I went to a Sara Bareilles concert with my sister last summer and fell totally in love with her as a musician, a songwriter, and a storyteller. She wrote this song with Jack Antonoff (featured in both fun. and Bleachers on this soundtrack!) as a "love letter" to a friend struggling with coming out of the closet. It inspires me to be brave and speak up when I'm afraid, and the music video is so cute!
Sara Bareilles - Brave

Even If it Kills Me - Motion City Soundtrack (3:51)

"I'm really not as stubborn as I seem," said the knuckle to the concrete.

This song is about hitting a wall (mentally) and trying to get your s*** together. It's about realizing that your current way of dealing with things doesn't help the situation at all, and having to leave your comfort zone to make things better. This is a good metaphor for my decision to cut off my relationship with my dad as well as a good motivator for me to do my homework. It's a song of all trades.

Even If it Kills Me - Motion City Soundtrack (With lyrics)

The Sound of Sunshine - Michael Franti and Spearhead (3:47)

This song reminds me that no matter what happens and what kind of storms are in my life, the sun will still rise, the world will keep moving, and I'll be okay. I'm going to my first Soulshine Tour Event this summer, which is basically like a hippie yoga retreat crossed with a concert headlined by Michael Franti and Spearhead. Every time I hear this song, I imagine what kind of experience it'll be and feel all sorts of good vibes.
Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Sound Of Sunshine

Nearly Witches - Panic at the Disco (4:17)

This song makes me think of sleepovers with my best friends, dancing around, pretending we knew the French part. This band is super awesome and I got to see them live with my friend Phoebe and my sister over the summer (you may have noticed at this point that all I ever spend my money on is concert tickets during the summer).
Nearly Witches P!ATD lyrics

Neon Trees - Everybody Talks (3:55)

Story time! My best friend Amy and I went to see Neon Trees in May! It was at The Fillmore Charlotte, and it was my first time driving in Charlotte/driving myself to a concert. It was also the night before Amy's AP US History exam, but the tickets were cheap and we couldn't turn it down. We made it there safely and it was amazing! Unfortunately, my phone died while we were at the concert. Amy didn't have a phone at the time, and my phone was my GPS, so I hadn't paid attention to how to get home. We asked a woman at McDonald's directions to Hickory and drove the way she said, and somehow ended up in Blacksburg, South Carolina. I was hysterical because I had done exactly what my mom had said not to do - get lost AND stay out all night. All of the gas stations were closed because it was almost 3 in the morning. We finally found an open one in the next town over, where a trucker took pity on us and bought us a map and a flashlight to see it by. We made it home around 6:00 am, just in time to get ready for school! Amy hasn't accompanied me to a concert (or Charlotte) since then. Anyway, Neon Trees always reminds me of that incident, which was terrifying but we laugh about now.
Neon Trees - Everybody Talks

Gold - Steve Kazee - ONCE: the Musical (4:00)

I saw Once with my friend Olivia and loved it! It's the musical with my favorite music: it sounds like Mumford and Sons went Broadway. At my first National Beta Convention, I knew nobody that I was going to Alabama with. I was quiet and shy, but on my second day, we found a piano in one of the lobbies at the enormous hotel. I played Falling Slowly (also from Once) and someone else on the trip recognized the musical. He started talking to me about the genius that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglovina (the writers) were, and that was when I felt like I could come out of my shell. I chose Gold instead of Falling Slowly because I like the lines "If your skin was soil, how long do you think til they'd start digging?"
Once (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - 10. Gold

For Good - "Wicked" Original Broadway Production (5:11)

This song I equate with my friend William Jeffrey Neff. When chorus went to New York, we saw Wicked on Broadway. Will had introduced me to Wicked long before that, and our friendship had grown from a Wicked CD he had burned for me not even a week after we met in play production. When Glinda and Elphaba sang "For Good" on stage in New York, Will and I held hands and cried because we knew that was our last school trip together, and the reality that people don't stay friends after high school and drift apart was really hitting us hard. This song is all about how much of an impact your close friends have on you, and though it'll be mine and Will's "song" forever, it's really important to me now, too, in the second semester of my senior year as I slowly see all of my friends and me going down different paths in life.
Wicked - For Good - Lyrics

I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers (3:32)

This song was written by Jack Antonoff about the healing process that took place when he lost his older sister and their cousin in a car accident. Having recently lost my grandfather on my eighteenth birthday, I really relate to having grief you don't know what to do with after losing someone so unexpectedly. Even though we weren't close when I was a child, he really stepped up and became a father figure when my dad got sick for the past 6 years. I miss him terribly, but I've dreamed about him telling me to get better, do better, and make him proud, just like what happens to Jack in the song. He taught me so much about life and how to treat people, and I think he'd be proud of me.
Bleachers - I Wanna Get Better (Lyric Video)

Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding (3:51)

This seems really self-explanatory. Anything could happen! This song reminds me that there's wonder in the world and to embrace it instead of fearing it. I like the line "Letting darkness grow as if we need its pattern and its color, but now I've seen it through, and now I know the truth: that anything could happen." I have a tendency to "let darkness grow" and harbor sadness and worry as if it's something that'll benefit me, but this song reminds me that the unexpected is what makes life super special and beautiful, and being upset about the unexpected is a great way to miss out on all of that.

Why Am I the One - Fun. (4:48)

This is my mom's favorite song. When we go on road trips, we always put her fun. CDs in and jam out. When I hear this song, I think of awesome times the two of us have together. As nerdy as it sounds, my mom is my best friend. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with her, because most of my friends don't have that with their moms. She's my hero and I hope I can be just like her one day, and I can't listen to fun. without thinking about how much she inspires me.
FUN - Why Am I The One