Sucess by Mary (:

M Williams Period:6

6 Word memior



"Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits"

~Thomas A. Edison

Page 26 of my notebook

Because this seems very true and kind of relates to me in a way that is unexplainable.


So I can show of all my hard work to others and get there friendly opoions . More people than just my teacher can see now other students can see including people outside of just my classmates. This will benefit me in a huge way now I can see how other students view my work or what they think of it I may understand more from their point of view. I can recieve more feedback!


hello my name is Mary Williams and I love to writing haappily . I am a 3 year soccer player and in my free time I love hanging with friends ,shopping ,playing soccer of course and I also enjoy dancing. I am a very entergetic and outgoing indiviual.

Sun Sentence..Shadow Sentence

I am like a diamond because I shine.

Inwardly I am the number 9 because I am odd.


I have many strengths and also many weaknesses but im going to tell you guys about a few of my strengths and weaknesses . First of all one of my strengths is having all advanced classes instead of english and juggling a lot at once and still maintaing to be sucessful. A weakness I have well one I just recently overcame is qutting everything I start which is a horrible habit now I actually go through with is qutting makes failure you have to work for what you want it may not be easily though. I liked this assignment because it gave me a chance to express myself . I honestly wouldn't change anything I enjoyed it so much.



bRave sTupid StRong

son of Jocastas and Oedipus


who needs hope and courage

who fears nothing

who gives love hate and resentment

Resident of Thebes


Do you agree with the fact that uniforms make lots of negative effects ? Henrico County Public Schools has considered requiring students to wear uniforms Henrico County Public Schools shouldn't introduce to wear uniforms because it's a way students express themsevles and most students look forward to dressing and would most definatelt not stand out .

First off 70% said they wouldn't like school even more and more than half said they wouldn't come as much as needed . Monroe Rosalina said difference is a way teens love to show expression she also said beg to differ.

Next us teens are always easily foud because of being know for signature outfits of things of that nature . I personally know standing out changes behavior looking and feelng good can make a person act good . I don't know how this sounds but an outfit can really change a person in numerous ways.

Henrico County Public schools shouldn't adopt wearing uniforms due to the fact that it changes mood and it also makes you feel like everyone else. Although uniforms may limit a lot of issues as well as bullying but there are more downfalls to wearing uniforms then to not wear them. In conclusion school uniforms are as bas as 2 year olds!

Reflection Of Persuasive Essay

I feel as if I got through the readers mind well and I strongly persuaded them to be on my side of the argument about uniforms. I feel as I need to work on beng more unique and have better word choice. Even though I think I got through to the readers there's still room for improvemnt in persuding better.