The journey to Perseverance

Created by: Maddie Satinover

Ways to like forever (Compare and contrast)

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Caines arcade

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Inside Every Daydream Was a Hollywood Script (Problem and Solution)

Stephen J Cane was just like every other kid. He played with friend, enjoyed sports and went to school. Yet he had a gigantic rode block, he did not learn the same way as kids. He had a very difficult time learning to do the simple things like reading and learning his ABC. He payed attention like every other classmate in his kindergarten class yet he was very below average. When it came to his teacher she did not work to help him but just gave up and failed him. This caused the school to ask him to leave.

At his new school he also had am overwhelming amount of work. He was then forced to repeat first and fourth grade. Yet even though he was the oldest in his class he still got held back or graduated bottom of his class. When he flunked tenth grade he got asked to leave the school once again. Stephen repeated tenth grade then graduated! But it was with very low grades and on the bottom of his class.

After years and years of failing and getting no answers to why they looked harder to see what the problem was. Stephen soon discovered he has dyslexia. Today there is special help for kids with dyslexia but back in the 1950's there was no explanation other than people just thinking he was slow or stupid. You would have though he would be down on himself or give up but he was no where close to giving up.

He found himself playing football and really good at it. He was rewarded with his amazing talent with a football scholarship to University of Oregon. Even though he was really good at football he lost his scholarship due to struggling to keep his grades up.

Though he lost his scholarship at the school he found he really enjoyed writing even though he had dyslexia. He had a professor named Ralph Salisbury who really encouraged Stephen to get into creative writing. This had a gigantic affect on him so he started to venture out and try new things. He began to write scripts and creating ideas for movies, television shows, and plays. He began to become very successful and eventually had many famous shows.

Stephen was rewarded with Emmy, became the largest independent producer and had a studio worth over one billion dollars. He is an amazing example to show that you can overcome any struggle and persevere.

Anne Frank (sequencing)

Anne Frank was just 13 years old when she got her life taken away from her. When she was 12 she played with friends, looked at the new trends and looked at cute guys but then her whole life changed forever.

On June 12 1929 a beautiful brown hair, Jewish girl entered the world. Her name was Anne, Anne frank. She was born in Frankfurt Germany. She had a dad named Otto, mom named Edith and a sister who was three years older named Margot Frank. They were a very typical family until 1942 when their lives changed forever and they had to persevere to stay alive.

Anne Frank played with friends and did all the normal kid things to do. On her 13 birthday she got a diary that she wrote in for a long period of time.

In 1942 when Anne Frank was 13 she was taken from the outside world. Then she had to resolve the dangerous environment and hide in a building called the Secret Annex where Anne Frank hid with her family. Anne and her family had to be very selfless and caring for each other. The Annex was an attic that she stayed in hiding for 25 months.

Finally on August 4, 1944 her family got betrayed and she was found. She was put into camps and died January 1945. Anne Frank was forced to fight hard through camps hard times, and rude people.

No one knows her exact date of death but however it was sad. Perseverance over two years and stayed strong for as long as possible

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Spare Parts by Joshua Davis (Description)

When four teenagers from Arizona are not having their lives go according to plan they join together to build a robot. These four unlikely teenagers started off with nothing nut an idea and spare parts. As they struggled to create a robot that can do tasks that seem hard enough they find a way to use weird parts and make a robot. This robot was not credible with scientific parts but they sure did make it work. When this team found a rode block they kept going with dedication and persistence. These four misfits worked their way to first place in a college level division with nothing but run down spare parts.
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