Million Dollar Job

Why it is interesting

Youtubing. This would interest me because i can take it anywhere, the pay is gucci, and i can drop out of of high school and get a girlfriend online.

Youtube, Roman Atwood, and wikihow. Youtube because other youtubers can tell me how they became what they are today, Roman Atwood because hes awesome, and wikihow because it gives me the steps in order.

  • how long does it take to make at least 1 million subscribers? it depends on the community
  • how much do they make? they get one dollar per 1000 veiw
  • what kind of camera will i need? 1080p
  • what would i use to add affect to my videos? movavi
  • Is it hard? yes
  • how young can you be to start? 13 or older
  • what do you need to get started?a computer and film
  • how to interest people? get your videos sponsored
  • how much would it cost to start?free
  • Does it pay enough to make a living? it depends on how many views you get on your videos
  • how to get popular ? you have to have a good thumb nail
  • Do you need to be educated? no