Virology-The study of viruses

Job Description/Duties

Virologists are scientist who study microorganisms that quickly duplicate and result in the quick spread of viruses. Their goal is find out how diseases spread and prevent more diseases from spreading.I would like all of these responsibilities because it seems interesting and it helps people

Personal Charectristics

according to these are the skills needed to be a virologists

  • Clinical work ethic.
  • Organised and professional manner
  • Able to work as part of a team, as an individual and be receptive of other peoples’ opinions.
  • Be commanding in your opinion when dealing with other medical professionals in order to ensure any safety regulation against the spread of infections is upheld.
  • Perform laboratory tasks and also treat patients face-to-face
  • An aptitude for the sciences and medicine.
  • Theoretical and systematic approach.
  • IT competent.


To be a lab assistant you need a bachelors but for advanced positions you need a masters or doctoral degree. I would need to take biology in high school and would need to go to Harvard or case western university

Work Setting

Virologists work in a labs for schools and the government. unlikely travel and 9 to 5 work day. This job would be stressful and i would like the work setting

Wages and Benifits

The entry wages are 67,790 dollars and a experenced worker can make 225,000 dollars. They have innsurance and vacation and sick days. This would provide enogh income to support me.

Employment Outlook

The employment outlook was expect to grow 7 percent by 2022

Personal Assessment

This occupation would not be right for me because the job is stressful and they don't make enough money for the work they do. Also you need to go to school for a while to make a lot of money in this career