Spring Sample Sale

It's Time for a Spring Clean!

Up to 70% off!

I've just moved house and need to clear out to make way for the new Summer Collection, so have a few sample sale bargains... I have one of everything so it's first come, first dibs! Some items have been very lightly used and the price will reflect this, but all are in great condition and come in their very own S&D box.

To buy yours, email or text me on
bronwencroall@gmail.com or 07740 647467

Bronwen xx

Our gorgeous Summer Collection has launched - see it here: www.stelladot.co.uk/bronwen

**all purchases made through my website in the month of April will be entered into a draw for the Visionary Bracelet, raising funds for Autism Awareness**

First come, first dibs. Payment by cash, cheque and bank transfer only; prices listed do not include postage, which will vary depending on what you order. No returns/ refunds, all items are ex-display samples, to be taken as is, and are not covered by the S&D delight guarantee.