Team Bagalicious

MARCH 2015 Team Newsletter

February Team Sales $10,491.50 Total Parties 25 Total Recruits 3

I think we did very well as a team for February seeming how overall from home office all our stats where down country wide- so you ladies Rock it!!! Excellent Job Ladies. I'm so proud of you all, and all your hard work doesn't go unnoticed!!! Keep moving forward and can't wait to CER you next month with all your accomplishments!! Since there are so many amazing specials being given by home office- the FREE item for your 1/2 offs, the hostess specials, the customer specials, the personalization special..... Home office is lining us up for success. So proud of you all and so glad you are a part of this Amazing Team!!

With so many products and opportunities, now’s the time to grow your team AND your business!

New conversations, new products and of course, new and even greater ways to party. With all the exciting new announcements about Jewell by Thirty-One and JK by Thirty-One, plus all the amazing newness in the 2015 Spring/Summer Catalog, there’s no better time to invite new Consultants onto your team and into the Thirty-One family.

When a new Consultant joins your team during Start Something New Incentive (now through March 15), she’ll receive all of the great products and supplies in the Enrollment Kit PLUS have the opportunity to earn a rebate covering the cost of the kit*. To earn the rebate she’ll just need to submit $1,000 in Personal Volume** during her first 30 days.

And now we have even MORE exciting news to share! New recruits who join between Feb. 1 and March 15 will also receive an additional FREE product – a JK by Thirty-One Monogram Initial Necklace in silver tone valued at $48!Available in letters A-Z, she’ll be able to choose her initial.

Share with your recruits about the fun, freedom and opportunities with joining the Thirty-One family.

* Rebate offer valid for new Consultants who enroll December 16, 2014 - March 15, 2015. Initial necklace valid for new Consultants who enroll February 1, 2015- March 15, 2015 only. Limit one (1) Enrollment Kit rebate per current Consultant during the incentive period. Enrollment Kit cost is $99. Consultant must submit $1,000 Personal Volume in her first thirty (30) days. Sales tax and shipping and handling not included in rebate. Rebate will be added to end of month commission payout (on the 10th of the following month) once $1,000 PV is met.

** Personal Volume (PV) = party and retail orders only

Make sure to check out Thirty One Today (TOT) for more details and how to market February. Lots of amazing opportunities are in store!! We have brand new products in-hand thanks to Ready Set Sell, the most fabulous catalog we've ever had, and endless training resources at our disposal 24/7. What are YOU going to do with all of that? Will you set some goals and dream some dreams then put forth the effort, energy and enthusiasm needed to make it happen?


Up until March 15th : ALL PURSES are 50% off when $35 is spent!!!! NOW is the chance to sell some of those higher priced purses!! WOOHOO!! Hostesses can choose from either the Canvas Crew Tote for $20 or FREE with a party, or the Fashion Editor for $31 or FREE with a party!!! WOOHOO!!!!

March/April special - oh snap bins/pockets as many as 3 for 5/each (you can get up to 3 every time you spend $35) and the JK Monogram for 20 with each 35 purchased and 3 "your way" cube/rectangles with lids FREE with a $600 or $10 each with a $200 party

Can I get a Woop!!! Woop!!! over here?


We have some winners of the some AMazing JK jewelry!!


Robyn O.

Mary Y.

Pattie T.

Candee S.

Jackie A.


Candee S.

Pattie T.

Robyn O.

Jackie A.

We have Candee Smith and Pattie Topa as earners of the Rebate Incentive!!!!!!!!!! and they both qualified all in one month!!! Excellent Job ladies!!! You both are on the top!! Not many earn this so you both are #1!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!

Start Swell Earners

Nancy Addison has until 4/1/15 to submit $600 to earn level 3 of Start Swell!!

Mary Young has earned level 2 Woohoo!!! She has until 3/29/15 to submit $600 to earn level 3 of Start Swell!!

Pattie Topa has earned level 1 Woohoo!! and was able to double dip to earn lots of free stuff!!! She has until 4/22/15 to submit $600 to earn level 2

Candee Smith has earned level 1 Woohoo!! and was able to double dip to earn lots of free stuff!!! She has until 4/6/15 to submit $327 more to earn level 2

Christina McCathy has until 4/2/15 to submit $600 to earn level 1 of Start Swell-and if she hits $1,000 she can earn the rebate as well and double dip.

Debbie Fregoe has until 3/16 to submit $600 to earn level 3 of Start Swell.

Kerrie French has earned level 1 of start swell and double dipped and earned her rebate as well. She has until 4/30/15 to submit $600 to earn level 2 of Start Swell.

Rebecca Oakes has until 3/19 to submit $600 to earn level 1 of Start Swell.

We have a Birthday to Celebrate!!

Robyn O'Neill 3/24
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We have an Thirty One Anniversary to Celebrate

Happy Anniversary Tammy Shanty 3/15/13!!! So glad you are part of the team and I've had the privilege of getting to know you!! You are Amazing and so important to the team!!