"People should have ultimate power"

Who holds power?

The president, congress, and the people control the country's actions.

United States

The u.s. Is one of the strongest countries reason why is because they're a democracy .


One benefit is that the people of the country get to vote for who represents us .

This is the best government because?

Every one would have rights and they could vote with out having a dictator , plus Iraq is in a tough situation they are fighting wars with the strongest countries. The reason why is because the government is dictating as where the people of Iraq who are innocent are being punished . A democracy is perfect for iraq right now the people will probably make the right choice for the country.

Negatives for a democracy

When I say the people have power it doesn't mean they control they pick a leader who they think will make right decisions for the country.

If the leader makes a mistake and the people don't like he/she they have to wait years to elect a new one.

The government/president could hide important information from the people.

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Iraq as a democracy

Overall I think this suits the country I think it will help economically ,and socially .

I'm not saying it will make it perfect but it will be better...

What is a democracy

government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under afree electoral system.
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Iraq's current problems

Iraq is in war with a few countries the strongest one being the U.S. Iraq keeps fighting wars versus countries trying to dominate but as soon as the rest of the world sees them gaining they will be shut out and maybe destroyed Iraq is a small and poor country mostly desert the people are already suffering to live in a hot not very developed country with all the the crime and war it could go even more downhill then it already is hopefully the country ,people,and/or the government makes better choices in the future to help their people and not be selfish for power


Islamic state in Iraq and Syria

The group began in 2004 as al Qaeda in Iraq, before rebranding as ISIS two years later. It was an ally of and had similarities with Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda both were radical anti-Western militant groups devoted to establishing an independent Islamic state in the region. But ISIS unlike al Qaeda, which disowned the group in early 2014 has proven to be more brutal and more effective at controlling territory it has seized. ISIS is putting governing structures in place to rule the territories the group conquers once the dust settles on the battlefield. From the cabinet and the governors to the financial and legislative bodies, ISIS looks a lot like those of some of the Western countries whose values it rejects if you take away the democracy and add in a council to consider who should be beheaded.

If Iraq was a democracy ISIS wouldn't have control they would be weaker resulting in less war and take over